BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy”


I think it’s only appropriate that I apologize in advance for the earworms that no doubt will ensue after this battle.

Ah, bubblegum music. Gad, what an abomination. I thought that way when I was in grammar school and high school, but like many things that seemed gross when I was growing up, I have developed a perverse certain affection for it now. This was music aimed directly at people like me, kids in their “tweens” and early teens. Wikipedia tells us that the heyday of bubblegum was 1967 and 1972; I was 11 in 1967 and 16 in 1972. I was their target market.

One of the more successful bubblegum bands was The Ohio Express, not to be confused with The Ohio Players. Like so many bubblegum bands, OE was more a brand name; session musicians were the actual band. They had a couple of very popular records worldwide, the first of which was “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,” which peaked at #4 in the US, #5 in the UK, #7 in Australia, and #1 in Canada, and earned a gold record a couple of months after the song debuted. A composite survey of the two Top 40 stations in Chicago, WLS and WCFL, puts it at #17 during the summer of 1968. Here’s their version, for reference purposes only; they aren’t combatants.

Now, on to the battle!


Julie London, did a slow, bluesy version of the song that appeared on the 1997 album Ultra-Lounge: Rock ‘n’ Roll Hits On The Rocks. My guess it was done in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s, but it could have been later.


I never heard of them before this evening, so I’ll just paste in the description from the video: “Baccara was a female vocal duo formed in 1977 by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos (February 7, 1951, Logroño) and María Mendiola (April 4, 1952, Madrid). The pair rapidly achieved international success with their debut single Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, which reached number one across much of Europe.” Given the disco beat and sound, this probably came out early in their career.

Now, it’s time to vote: Whose cuisine version of “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy” reigns supreme? Julie London’s, or Baccara’s? Vote in the comments here or on the simulcast blog. Then when you finish doing that, how about visiting some of the other blogs doing Battles today as well?

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Results next Sunday!


Author: John Holton

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15 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy””

  1. Shame on you, John! This is a travesty! 🙂

    Actually this is a song that still very frequently runs through my head. I’ve always dreamed that in my fantasy band this would be one of the songs we’d play though in neither style presented here. I had no idea that this song had ever been covered by anyone!

    Right off I’ll say that the duo was pretty bad. I give them kudos for effort. This sounds like something off of a bad foreign movie movie soundtrack or TV show. So I’ll nix them from the start.

    The song seems like a bit of an odd departure for Julie London, but I guess she kind of pulls it off with the rearrangement. She doesn’t knock me out with her version but that sultry folky sound sure beats the disco.

    Julie London for me!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  2. OK-The European gals just made me laugh because it is so European in disco flavour:) That was an interesting choice but I will pick Emergency’s Julie London:) She puts some sex into those words and it is more unique


  3. I finally understand why my Mom wouldn’t let me listen to that song. Here’s my best guess as to WHY I’m voting for the # 2 slot – “Baccara.”
    They remind me of ABBA – who had some decent songs. That’s all I got, John.



  4. First of all, I love bubblegum music. 🙂 I had NO idea anyone covered this song. I’m going to pick Baccara because it’s the lesser of the two evils. Actually, it’s not too bad because they kept the same beat as the original. Now, to the Julie London version. Honestly, I could only listen to about 30 seconds of it. It’s HORRIBLE. Maybe if I had never heard the original, it wouldn’t seem so bad to me. It’s like making a good Beatles song into elevator music. Just…no.


  5. Baccara are BAD-ara! And not the good kind of funky ‘bad’ – the bad kind of stinky BAD! The faux-disco strings are crap. The vocals sound like, “we don’t know English, so we’re just phonetically singing what our producer told us too. But it’s ok — he says he’s going to make us most rich and famous music-star-peoples, so we just do what he says…”

    So definitely Julie London.


  6. I’m trying to be more positive and kind, so I’m gonna have to leave a very brief comment on this BATTLE.

    Give my vote to Julie London, not because I really like it, but because I really dislike the other one. Never was too fond of the original either for that matter.


  7. I think everyone has already voiced my objection here. As I listened to the Julie London version, I thought, “Well, the second one will get my vote.” Then I heard it and went, “Aaacccchhh.” So, I was wrong. Julie London gets my vote.

    Funny thing that Dixie said about ABBA and the girls. When I looked at their picture (before listening to the video), I thought to myself, “They remind me of the girls from ABBA, even though one was a blonde, instead of two brunettes.” Very strange.

    Sorry for the lateness. I’m really having difficulty keeping all the balls in the air. Been making BOTB rounds slowly….


  8. I wasn’t a fan, or much of a fan, of the Baccara version, but I loved Julie London’s! So I vote for Julie. What a sultry sound! Sorry for my lateness. I have been quite the busy bee since getting back from my out of state visit coming up on two weekends ago – have been working since I got back!


    1. No, this is still the main blog. I’m simulcasting on Blogger. I update WordPress, and IFTTT updates Blogger. Usually. I have to use XHTML instead of HTML5 or I get nothing on the Blogger side.


    1. Figures. I think if I went back through all the videos I’ve posted (and there are a LOT of them) I’d find a significant number that were no longer available for one reason or another. So usually I don’t bother.


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