Oreo (#atozchallenge)

Yesterday, we talked about noon, and lunch. Well, no self-respecting kid would consider lunch finished until they had at least a cookie, or two, or maybe a whole package. And, for most kids, that’s the Oreo. Not just in the US, but worldwide.

Two Oreo sandwich cookies (public domain, by Evan-Amos)

The Oreo sandwich cookie was created by the National Biscuit Company (i.e. Nabisco) in 1912 to compete against the Hydrox cookie, manufactured by Sunshine Biscuit. Like the Hydrox, it consisted of two chocolate cookies held together by a creme filling (until recently, the creme filling was made from sugar and lard; now it’s made with sugar and vegetable shortening). No doubt thanks to better marketing (“Hydrox” conjures up images of sodium hydroxide, i.e. lye), the Oreo soon became the more popular cookie, while Hydrox gradually lost shelf space in grocery stores. Eventually Sunshine Bakeries was split up and sold off, and the Hydrox disappeared entirely, although Leaf, who ended up with the brand, is trying to revive it.

After many years where the only Oreo available was the original, there is now a veritable plethora of Oreo sandwich cookies out there, including Golden Oreos (with a vanilla cookie instead of chocolate), Oreo Minis (a much smaller version of the cookie), Double Stuf Oreos (with twice as much creme filling as the original), chocolate Oreos (two vanilla cookies wrapped around a chocolate filling)… in all, 101 varieties of the Oreo, as seen here.

You also find Oreos crushed up and blended with ice cream, baked into cheesecake, and, I swear, I’ve had deep-fried Oreos, where the cookie is encased in dough, deep fried, and served with ice cream.

This commercial demonstrates the proper way to eat an Oreo.


Author: John Holton

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24 thoughts on “Oreo (#atozchallenge)”

    1. They aren’t one of Mary’s favorites, or we’d still be buying them. I saw a neat trick for dunking them when your milk glass doesn’t have enough milk in it: put a fork through the cream and use the fork to dunk them.


  1. I broke down and bought a package of Oreos earlier this week. Hadn’t had these in quite some time. I’ll open the package when I’ve finished off the Girl Scout Cookies. Yeah, like I really need cookies.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


  2. Ah the ritual of separating the cookie and eating the cream first. Brushing teeth was never fun after an Oreo binge. My favorite Oreo based dessert is called Dirt. You use a flower pot that never had real dirt, plug the hole and layer in alternating layers of chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos. You finish it off with a few gummy worms crawling on the top and pop in an artificial flower and serve with a small garden shovel that also has never seen an actual garden,


    1. I was surprised to learn that the Hydrox came out before the Oreo. It’s sad it vanished like it did; it was a pretty good cookie, and a lot of people preferred it (cookie was crisper, the filling was not quite as sweet and there wasn’t as much of it, as I recall).

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  3. Oreos are a classic.
    I don’t split them open and I don’t dip them in milk, which I know, is un-‘merican, but I prefer them crunchy! Husband looks at me funny while he literally drowns his cookie in milk, until the bubbles stop coming out of it, and then shoves the gooey mess inside his mouth. We only get regular and double. Those are the best.


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