I saw the prompt for today (ke at the beginning, middle, and/or end of a word), and somehow Keoke Coffee came to mind. It’s like Irish coffee, but instead of Irish whisky, you add Kahlua, creme de menthe and brandy. The recipe calls for 4 tablespoons each of the boozes, 3 cups of black coffee, and whipped cream.

I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages years ago when they told me I had enough blood pressure for two people. I was doing enough of it that it was probably a problem, and I was surprised how easy it was to give it up. When you consider that the prescriptions I take don’t mix well with alcohol, you can understand why. To replace the booze in my diet, I started drinking coffee, soda, and energy drinks, all of which conspired to give me a stroke.

Now, I drink decaffeinated coffee (at Starbucks, since they don’t make decaf after the morning rush for some bizarre reason, I drink decaffeinated Cafe Americano) and water. I used to drink diet soda, but the aspartame had a bad effect on my sleep patterns (i.e. I was going to the bathroom all night), and it probably wasn’t doing my kidneys any favors, either, so I gave it up. A very interesting thing happened when I stopped drinking soda: my blood pressure went down even further. I’m not sure if it was stopping soda or replacing it with water that did the trick, but I think it was both.

Occasionally (i.e. every occasion I can), I get a Birthday Cake shake from Zaxby’s, a Jamocha shake from Arby’s, or a Frappuccino from Starbucks (my current fave is the White Chocolate Mocha, no caffeine please). I usually get the latter when Starbucks awards me a freebie (we’ve been gold card members since 2004).

Do I miss the drinking? Not much. Sometimes I crave a Jack Daniel’s and water or a beer, but we don’t keep any of that in the house. Just as well. Just like sometimes I want a cigarette, even though I quit about 25 years ago. I dream sometimes of sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, drinking espresso and smoking Gaulioses, or drinking absinthe and smoking at the Moulin Rouge, mostly because I’ve never been to Paris and never had absinthe. I have had Gaulioses, though: very, very strong and rough on the throat. At least they were in the 1970’s.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need more decaf…


If you haven’t guessed by now, this is another Stream of Consciousness Saturday post. Linda Hill started this a while back, and she has all the rules and whatever.


Author: John Holton

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13 thoughts on “STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS SATURDAY: Keoke Coffee!”

  1. I’ve done both, only ever smoked Gauloise once or twice. Way too strong. But I have certainly drunk absinthe at various points around Paris. I too don’t smoke any more, but I still drink. Would miss my wine on Saturday night for a start. I never drink any of those fancy coffees, never even been in to a Starbucks or any other similar place. Occasionally I buy a decaf at Tim Hortons if I happen to be visiting a hospital. Mind you I like the sound of the Keoke, always enjoyed Irish Coffee too.


    1. Not just strong, but strong-smelling. I had a pack when I was in college, and when I’d smoke them, my mom (who smoked like a chimney herself) would say, “My God, John, what are you smoking? They smell TERRIBLE!”

      Starbucks is more a destination for us than anything. When we need to get out of the house, we go there. Mary meets her knitting friends there, and I spend the time with my laptop writing blog entries. I get a lot of work done that way.


  2. Ah, I would love to drink absinthe, the favorite of Pablo Picasso. They say it influenced some of his works. I imagine it did. I quit smoking too John. Back in August of 1996. And I don’t miss it at all! That’s weird about Starbucks not brewing decaf after rush hour. You did yourself a favor by cutting out the diet sodas: all that artificial sweetener isn’t good for the body. The effect it had on me was insane sweet cravings! So I was happy to give both of those up. I would like to try some Keoke coffee one of these days…


    1. I’m having much less trouble in general since I decided to just drink decaf and water. And I’m not running to the bathroom as much as you’d think. Of course, the water settles in my leg and gets processed at night, and that’s when I get rid of it…


  3. I quit smoking years ago but I used to dream of smoking too. Hard to give up so many things. I think the regular coffee would be hard for me and I like my glass of wine. But not good to have enough BP for two people 😀


    1. It isn’t, and I regret I let it go for so long now. It’s not a guarantee that I wouldn’t have had the stroke I did (mine was a blood vessel rupturing in my head), but I might have at least forestalled it.

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      1. Well, I don’t think it does any good to beat yourself up about what you didn’t do in the past. It is hard to make changes. You have made changes now. I remember a Diabetic Educator giving a group of us Home Health Nurses a lecture about managing diabetes. She said she would work on getting someone to make one change, not change their whole diet at once. She said that handing someone one of those large diabetic diet exchange lists was overwhelming for people and usually did not work. She asked us to try to stick to a diabetic diet ourselves for a few days to see how hard it was to do.


  4. With all that alcohol, I’m surprised there’s any room for coffee in a keoke coffee! I don’t like coffee. Whenever I drink out, I have to have a childish – and calorie-laden – hot chocolate.


  5. I rarely miss drinking, though do enjoy the taste of wine in clam sauce. Coffee and soda caused me bladder problems, so I virtually quit many years ago. Now I can even feel the little bit of caffeine in de-cafe and half a cup of regular coffee relieves my headaches like magic. It didn’t work like that when I had a tolerance.


    1. That’s the way it is with Mary. When she has a headache, she has some regular coffee, and it goes right away. For a really bad one, she’ll take two aspirin and have a cup of coffee. Remember Anacin? It was essentially aspirin and caffeine. Goody’s powders were the same as an aspirin, a Tylenol, and caffeine. It does have its uses. Like you, the small amount of caffeine in decaf wakes me right up.


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