My First Post…

Everyone seems to be talking about the first post on their blog today, so why not?

My first post was on January 5, 2012, and it was just a post saying I’d be posting soon. My second post was this video; this was to have been a writer’s blog, but it kind of changed after that…

This is the 850th post since then…


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

8 thoughts on “My First Post…”

  1. Though I maintained my own website and forum in 2004 and did some myspace rants in 2007, 2008 was the first time I started blogging to my current blogger account. Posts were sparatic and it wasn’t unitl the following year in 2009 when I started posting almost every month. By the time 2012 came around, I was posting every month and my r.a.n.t. feature was a weekly thing.

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  2. My first post was 9/14/2009. This is what it said (apparently back then my goal was to find a publisher, which I have absolutely no interest in now):

    This is my first post on my new author blog.  Most of these posts are going to be boring accounts of my writing, the frustrations caused by it, and possible tales of submission and rejection later on.  For those of you brave enough (or patient enough) to follow this blog, welcome!  If you are at all interested in my boring life as a frustrated writer, I’m glad you decided to come on board.  If you see it and think that’s it’s a big yawn, then I completely understand.  So there it is.  It’s just me.  It’s a pen name, of course, but most of you will know who I really am.  :0)


    1. I started off thinking I wanted to be a novelist, then realized, I don’t even like reading novels that much. I write what I like to read. One day, who knows, a book may come of it, but I’m not going to try and force it.


  3. Oh wow, this is the first one about someone’s first Post that I’ve seen, but you never really think about how many Posts you’ve done since the very beginning do you. 850 Posts later did you think you would type that many Posts? Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I was ready to chuck it all in on several occasions, but then realized, I’m having fun, I like this kind of writing, and if this is my outlet, who cares? Thanks for reading.


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