One-Liner Wednesday: Breaker One-Nine #1lineWed

I used to work in a bullpen office, and the speakerphone mics were turned off intentionally to encourage people to use the meeting rooms for conference calls, and not use their speakerphones. . . We ended up with half a dozen people listening to THE SAME CONFERENCE CALL at their desk on the speaker, and hollering into the handset mic like it was a CB.

This comment demonstrates why you should always read the comments that accompany an article. They’re often more entertaining than the article.

Windows 10 has a search feature you can use to find files on your computer. However, searching for a file on your computer will also return results from the web, thanks to Bing, which now handles all requests from Cortana, the new “digital assistant” delivered with the operating system. You can stop it from doing so, but it involves turning off Cortana to get it to stop.

Eric Ravenscraft, who wrote the article for Lifehacker, said that, while you can shut off Cortana and Bing searches, Cortana is way cool and he can’t imagine anyone wanting to shut it off before at least giving it a try. Several people then replied that the last thing in the world you need is a bunch of people all trying the voice features of Cortana in an open-plan office, a situation much different from a lone freelancer sitting in his home office. This comment brought to mind Broderick Crawford in Highway Patrol.

This is another entry in Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday. Clicking the link brings you to a page with links to other participants.

Just so everyone knows, the hashtag in the title is used by both this blog hop and by someone else on Twitter. Evidently, it’s OK with the other group.


Author: John Holton

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3 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: Breaker One-Nine #1lineWed”

  1. I’ve downloaded Windows 10 on the new computer but I confess to still using the old laptop (with Vista and the old Windows Media Player) most of the time. I’m one of those old people who hates change. I also don’t care for Bing.


    1. You might be the first person I’ve met who’s had anything good to say about Vista. I was due for a new computer around the time it came out, and heard so many bad things about it that I bought a Mac instead.

      I think Microsoft and Google are locked in a battle to the death to determine who runs the Internet. Bing is Microsoft’s challenge on the search engine front, and I’m not especially impressed. There are some who love it because “it’s faster” and “it pays you to use it.” If anything, I am less likely to use it because of those things.


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