ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: My Brother’s Observation (#1linerWeds #1_erWed #lindas1lineWed #lindas1linerWed)

“What’s with all the hashtags, John?” you might ask. Well, remember a couple of weeks ago, when I said we had the approval of the owner to use #1lineWed for this? Evidently, it was causing too much confusion, and we were told to find a new one. Linda, who is running the poll to decide the new hashtag, hasn’t decided what it will be. My suggestion was the first, and as of this writing (3:30 PM yesterday) it’s in the lead by a comfortable margin. Rather than presume it’s the winner, I’ve used all four of the contestants, just to be on the safe side. Linda might not have closed voting yet, so if you have a preference, pop over there and make your voice heard.

Here’s this week’s one-liner, courtesy of my brother Kip:


Seinfeld was never my favorite show, so I have to take his word for it.

This week’s one-liner is technically three lines, but I’m using it anyway, because it maintains the spirit of a one-liner. Henny Youngman was the King of the One-Liners, and most of his ran to several sentences. (An example: A guy walks into a doctor’s office. He says, “Doc, my love life is terrible.” The doctor says “lose twenty pounds and run ten miles every day.” Two weeks later the guy calls the doctor. The doctor says, “how’s your love life?” Guy says, “I dunno, I’m 140 miles from home.”) For those of you unfamiliar with Henny Youngman, here’s a short sample…

Submitted for your enjoyment, that is my entry into One-Liner Wednesday.


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11 thoughts on “ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: My Brother’s Observation (#1linerWeds #1_erWed #lindas1lineWed #lindas1linerWed)”

    1. Oh, I hated it. They’d play it during rain delays on Braves games, and I’d turn off the TV or change to the Korean language station or something. It was a horrible show.


  1. I watched it occasionally but not with any real fandom. I thought them very unlikable characters. For me to become a fan of a TV show I need to have at least one character that I am routing for and Seinfeld had none.


    1. It was unique in that you hated the main characters. They had to be the four least-likable main characters in TV history, and the only reason to watch the show was to see them be outnastied by even worse characters. Where’s the fun in that?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The only song I remember him playing was “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.” When I was in high school, my friends and I were Henny Youngman fans; every once in a while we’d tell a joke, and follow it up by humming the song.


  2. Kip may be right! Just saw a Seinfeld rerun last night. Elaine shows up at the usual restaurant and says to George “did you miss me?” George says where have you been. Elaine says she’s been in England- for two weeks!


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