The Week That Was, Labor Day Edition

From a Garfield cartoon for Labor Day, 1978:

Labor Day, Schmabor Day,
What a dumb day!
You hire a guy, then send him away
To celebrate work by playing all day…

I take back all the awful things I’ve said about the Chrome browser. They’ve improved it with version 45 and it’s much quicker than it had been, and doesn’t chew up every byte of memory like earlier versions did. I guess it’s not spending as much time calling the mothership as it had been. Whatever, I’m running it on Linux Mint, and so far, it’s working well. I’m leaving Firefox installed, in case Chrome slows up as you use it. I’ve yet to try it on Mac OS X 10.10.

The Week That Was

The Week That Was is sponsored by Quaker Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice, the cereal that’s shot from guns.

(You do understand that’s all in fun, and this blog isn’t actually sponsored by anyone? I figured you knew that…)

Had a very interesting discussion about the huge amount of student loan debt being amassed by today’s college graduates on Monday. I’m still writing my reply; it branches off in several directions, so it’ll be another day or two before it’s ready for your eyes.

Two for Tuesday featured the songwriting team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, who were to Philadelphia what Holland-Dozier-Holland were to Motown. Great hearing those songs again, isn’t it? The 1970’s were a heyday for R&B and Soul music. Maybe that’ll be the next series. Tuesday was also September 1, and that meant Battle of the Bands. The current battle is between Grand Funk Railroad and Kylie Minogue on who did a better version of Goffin/King’s “The Loco-Motion,” a big hit for Little Eva in the Sixties. Voting is open until midnight this Tuesday due to the holiday, and the results on Wednesday.

One-Liner Wednesday featured a pithy quote from Mike Rowe about student loan debt and his belief that it’s absurd. I agree with him, by the way. There are much more worthwhile pursuits for 18-year-old kids than borrowing tens of thousands of dollars and spending four of the best years of their lives sitting in a college classroom. More on that later this week.

The Thursday Ten was a joint effort with Mama Kat; I answered the prompt “Ten reasons you’re glad to be done with school.” She publishes writing prompts on Tuesday and looks for submissions on Thursday, in case you’re interested in participating. Many of the prompts are geared toward young women with children (by “young” I mean 25-45), but it’s still a lot of fun, and I’ve been lucky to find one most weeks.

The Friday Five featured five songs with “work” in the title, in honor of the holiday. There are other songs, of course; my Uncle Jack suggested “Workin’ on the Chain Gang” by Sam Cooke, and I’m sure many of you can think of others.

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “light,” and I was reminded of a product called Lite-Brite, also what we called a product created by my old company as a PC frontend for our mainframe products, our first attempt at a GUI. During training on this product, I adapted the name (BrightView) to something from a Three Stooges short. The short and the adaptation are both there, if you want to have a look.

Anyway, this week: another songwriting team, a one-liner, a Thursday Ten and Friday Five, and more discussion of student debt. See you then!


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