Last The Week That Was of the Summer

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Pretty creepy, huh? It was either Krinkles the Clown or So-Hi and his Rickshaw Racer…

The Week That Was

A lot of music last week; I’m starting to think this is a music blog. My first-ever Monday’s Music Moves Me was all about story songs. I dredged up some of my favorite oldies, all of which were done by Southern artists. Evidently I did all right with the theme. This week’s M^4 is a free-for-all. Be ready for some great fingerstyle guitar by a Certified Guitar Player.

Two for Tuesday featured Rodgers and Hart. Many of their songs have become standards, particularly in the jazz idiom, but there are a few that have made it into the world of rock; the two tunes featured one of each. Tuesday was also the 15th, and time for a Battle of the Bands. The song, suggested by my brother Kip, is the reggae classic “By The Rivers of Babylon,” and the contestants are Sinead O’Connor and Jorma Kaukonen. If you haven’t voted, you have until midnight Eastern time (that’s 0400 UTC) to cast your ballot.

One-Liner Wednesday was a grammar lesson having to do with the word “ain’t.” English teachers will tell you that “ain’t” ain’t a word, although it’s been in the dictionary for years as one. My aunt/godmother Jill disagreed with me on Facebook about that. Many of you said that you don’t use it when writing unless the dialogue calls for it. Madilyn said she uses “ain’t” all the time (but not in writing, except for dialogue), and she has also starting “y’all,” a Southern expression I’ve fallen into the habit of using myself on occasion. A friend of mine explained that “y’all” is a collective noun, kind of like “youse” in Chicago. Elen was surprised to find out that Pat Boone, he of the white bucks and baptizing people in his swimming pool, did a version of “Ain’t That A Shame.” Pat started his career taking advantage of the fact that many radio stations in the 1950’s refused to play music by black artists by doing his own versions of them. It’s not Pat’s fault; he might have been responsible for people hearing the songs for the first time.

Of course, having opened the can of worms, The Thursday Ten featured ten of the many songs that have “ain’t” in the title. There are lots more, I just listed a few of them. Thursday is also the day for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, where I revealed that one of the many things I wanted to be when I grew up was a TV weatherman. My uncle Jack remembered driving home from work one day in the late 1960’s in a blizzard, while the weatherman on WBBM (AM 780 in Chicago) was saying there was no chance of snow. Guess he didn’t bother looking out the window. Several of you said they never watch the news anymore, complaining it’s too sensationalized, even the weather report. Having lived in Atlanta for almost 28 years, I know it’s important to keep an eye on the weather, but to spend hours glued to the TV as the on-air meteorologists talk about what time the storms are going to hit your neighborhood is going a little too far. We use a weather radio to let us know when it’s time to get into the basement. Incidentally, a weather radio is a great investment. If you don’t have one, they’re not that expensive and well worth having, especially if your area tends to be hit with severe weather.

My uncle Jack responded to last week’s Friday Five (songs with numbers in the title) by suggesting three more, and I added two of my own and we did another week of it. I’ll try to limit the number of times I do that.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday‘s prompt was “route/root,” so of course I talked about Route 66 (US Highway 66, now no longer in existence).

Coming up this week: I announce the winner of last week’s Battle of the Bands, we visit the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein, and all the other features you’ve come to know and love. Join me then!


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