The Week That Was, November 8, 2015

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The sure sign that summer was coming to a close was the day we went out for school shoes. Mom would take the three of us to the shoe store at Broadway and Devon. They carried all the popular brands: Buster Brown, Red Goose, and for after-school wear, PF Flyers, Red Ball Jets, and Keds. You needed after-school shoes, because you couldn’t play in your “hard” shoes. Those were for school, church, and occsions where you had to wear a suit jacket and tie. We always ended up with a brand called Jumping Jacks for school; Buster Brown and Red Goose were a little too expensive… Anyway…

The Week That Was

The theme for this week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me was “movie soundtracks,” which I discovered after building a playlist of movie theme songs. Evidently this was all right, thank heaven, and everyone else liked the songs I chose.

I found yet another blog hop to participate in, this a monthly one: Question of the Month. This month’s question was “Are you an introvert or an extravert?” (“Extravert” is the spelling the mother-daughter team that created the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gave it, so I’m going with that.) I revealed there that I’m an introvert who for years thought he was an extravert, even though I was told by someone who gave me the official MBTI that I was an introvert, and how that caused me to (foolishly) ignore the remainder of the tests, to my detriment. We had an interesting discussion about that, the gist of which was that the terms are not absolute: it’s more a matter of degree between the two, and other factors (physical, mental, and emotional state) have their impact on how you react in a given situation. I also mentioned something Mary said, that the difference is whether spending time with people drains your energy (introvert) or gives you more energy (extravert), and that being introverted doesn’t mean you’re shy or antisocial.

Two for Tuesday featured the songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who wrote a number of chart-topping hits for groups such as the Righteous Brothers (“You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”) and Paul Revere and the Raiders (“Kicks” and “Hungry”). Mollie thanked me for the earworm that “Kicks” is. You’re welcome, Mollie. XD

My entry for One-Liner Wednesday was taken from the relatively new website, created by the husband of Sarah Cooper, proprietress of The Cooper Review, a very funny site about the world of work that I suggest you follow, because there are loads of laughs to be had. MeetingRant is a place where people who have been in meetings that left them annoyed, bored, infuriated, frustrated, or wondering why it couldn’t have been handled by an email could vent their spleens. I’m happy to say that, at my suggestion, they added an RSS feed to the site.

Thursday was Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop day, and I used the opportunity to discuss the most recent round of genetic testing Mary and I did, this time through That site did a far more thorough analysis of our DNA and also suggested people with whom I share some genetic kinship and the degree to which that kinship is shared. I have received notes from several potential distant to very-distant relatives, one of whom could be my twin. Well, not exactly, but we do share the glasses and white beard. 23andMe is going to be updating their site this week, and I hope it’s a little easier to understand than the current one.

I also did a Thursday Ten, which started out as ten songs with states of the US in the title, but which ended up being songs with Georgia in the title. There are a lot of them. Friday, since I already had a list of songs with states other than Georgia in the title, I did a Friday Five (plus Five) with those songs in it. Arlee said that could get to be a very long list. That would be something, wouldn’t it?

I announced the results of the latest Battle of the Bands, won by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Boys over Bill Haley and the Comets. Arlee protested, feeling that Bill Haley did a much better job of “When The Saints Go Marchin’ In,” and that the vote was likely swayed by the act that “The Beat Boys” were actually The Beatles, Sheridan’s sometime backup band. I think he has a point. But, them’s the breaks. As I told him, I could have left out the name of the backup band, which might have changed the vote some, but since the video I chose had pictures of The Beatles in their early days all over it, and people generally associate Tony Sheridan with The Beatles, it might not have made a difference. I’m pretty sure my next band will be much closer.

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “-cat-.” It would have been easy to write about cats, or about being Catholic, but instead I saw “catalog,” which set me off on a rant about the amount of waste paper we receive between the hundreds of catalogs we get around this time of the year, as well as the phone books we have no use for, sections of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that get thrown in my driveway despite the fact we’ve asked the young woman who does the throwing on multiple occasions not to do it, and talked about how we try as much as we can to reduce the paper we use to a minimum, since paper causes a huge mess when the cats get hold of it. The consensus was that, although most people like books with pages, the rest of the stuff can be dispensed with.

So that’s last week. This week, who knows?


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3 thoughts on “The Week That Was, November 8, 2015”

  1. I’m so sorry to have missed your BoTB, John. Sounds like it was one for the history books… Plus I love “When The Saints”. Looks like it was a pretty hectic week, blogging-wise — good for you 🙂 Hope it was at least as much fun as it sounds!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter


  2. I used to always want a pair of Keds when I was a kid. They seemed so cool. I actually cannot recall ever having a pair of tennis shoes or “soft shoes” when I was little. If I remember correctly I used to have some nice dress shoes and then everyday shoes that were kind of like the dress shoes. I recall polishing my shoes to keep them refreshed looking.

    If memory serves me right, the way I usually dress now is not too dissimilar to the way I dressed when I was a kid except that back then my mother always bought shoes that had to be tied and laced, a type of shoe that I rarely buy now.

    I do remember those shoe brands you mention and going to a shoe store were the shoe salesman (always a man) measured me and then fitted me for the correct size.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote


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