To, Two, Too Mints in One (?) #socs

Remember Certs?

Anyone know exactly what Retsyn was? It was some sort of breath freshener. Wikipedia says it’s a mix of copper gluconate, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and flavor, and that the green flecks in the mint come from the copper. I had a friend who used to carry these with him everywhere when we were in grammar and high school. They tasted pretty good, but I don’t think they did a very good job of keeping breath fresh. I had another friend who used to chew whole cloves for bad breath. Not as bad as it sounds. Like Clove gum, flavored with cloves. But, back to Certs… I haven’t seen them around recently, but then I haven’t been going to the store with Mary.

It drives me crazy when people misuse “to” for “too,” and vice versa. You get a lot of that on Facebook, and sometimes from people that you know are reasonably well-educated. Mary, who reads novels all the time, can’t believe the number of writers – writers! – who get it wrong. I’m sure it keeps the editors busy.

I’ve always been fussy about getting people’s names right, maybe because so many folks spell my name (Holton) wrong a lot. Well, not wrong, just not the way I spell it.

It’s Friday night, and it’s late, and it’s been a long day, so I’m going to do a song and call it a night. From 1973, Mocedades, “Eres Tú,” sung by Amaya Uranga. This finished second in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, four points behind the local favorite, “Tu Te Reconnaîtras” by Luxembourg’s Anne-Marie David. I guess we can add “tu” or “tú” to “to/two/too”…


Stream of Consciousness Saturday is hosted by Linda Hill over at her blog. Helen Espinoza is standing in while Linda is away, but you can find the rules and list of participants at Linda’s, anyway.


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27 thoughts on “To, Two, Too Mints in One (?) #socs”

  1. Love Mocedades! My favorite is probably ‘Eres La Otra España’ (if that’s even the right name…), but ‘Eres Tú’ is a fabulous song. And I totally remember Certs; I haven’t seen them around for ages, either. Hated the red ones, loved the green ones… Though now that you’ve told me the green flecks are copper, I might not be so keen to buy ’em if I see ’em 😉

    Happy weekend, John.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter


  2. I definitely remember CERTS… and the later flvor that came out with red flecks… was it peppermint? I don’t recall, but my Dad smoked a pipe and carried them all of the time. I loved when he’d smoke ‘cherry blend,’ but he said it tasted too bad to smoke all of the time. Oh well.

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    1. Someone else thinks it might be cinnamon, I’m not sure… I smoked a pipe for a while, and those flavored tobaccos aren’t the best tasting. Same with the aromatic ones. We had a tobacconist in Chicago (Iwan Ries) that sold tobaccos that had no flavor or aroma, and they were actually the least offensive, not just to me but to those around me.


  3. Yikes! taking it to other languages! This might be too much…I don’t think you want to breach the doorstep of French grammar or you’ll find yourself in the land of “tout/tous/toutes” in addition to “tu”… great post! And now that I know what “retsyn” is, I’m not sure I want another cert in my life… 🙂


  4. Great post and lovely video that takes me back. I think some mistakes are done unconsciously as if our fingers had a mind of jtheir own on the keyboard. You’ve just given me an idea for my post:)


  5. I feel the same way about the misuse of to and too. It drives me nuts! You’re taking the time to write something, take the extra few seconds to write it correctly! The scariest part about reading your information on the breath mints was the copper. It’s crazy what is put in food, or things meant to keep our breath fresh. LOL

    Great song! I loved her voice! Thank you so much for sharing; and yes, I could have added “tu” and probably should have. Thanks for doing it here.


    1. You actually need a certain amount of copper in your diet, though they haven’t set a RDA for it. It apparently helps with keeping cholesterol down. The range is between 1 and 3 mg a day, which isn’t a lot; I have no idea what that is in terms of how many Certs, though.

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    1. I’ll bet you have. Mary buys a lot of romance novels on the Kindle, and she’s dumbfounded at the number of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes she finds. If we learned nothing else at the hands of the nuns in grammar school, at least we got those things right.


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