The Week That Was for the first full week of 2016

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Wonder Bread. Builds strong bodies eight ways!

I always remember it as “twelve ways.” What the other four were, I don’t know.


I combined my Monday’s Music Moves Me post with the previous day’s prompt for Just Jot It January (“JJJ”) and produced a playlist with songs with “frozen” in the title. I only found three, so I padded out the list with two with “freeze,” because a playlist has to have five songs in it. Sorry, it’s the law. One of them was “Frozen” by the Dutch band Within Temptation, which piqued Linda’s interest, and she spent a good deal of time listening to other songs by them. She tells me they’re like the band Evanescence without the whining. Arlee said this stumped him, but that could have been caused by the drop in temperature this first full week of the new year. I don’t know why it is, but the first week of January is always cold as a well-digger’s butt. It really hit today: Accuweather says it’s 37° (about 3 C) right now, but it feels like 24° (about -5 C) with the wind and all the clouds. I know that doesn’t seem too bad to those of you who live north of the Mason-Dixon line, but those of us who live here are freezing.

The regularly-scheduled prompt word for JJJ last Monday was “dachshund,” so I found a quote about dachshunds from H(enry) L(ouis) Mencken, the “Bard of Baltimore” and one of my favorite writers. Bee agreed with the sentence and my opinion that it was a shame it wasn’t Wednesday, because it would have made a perfect one-liner. Linda and Shanjeniah both loved the line. If you haven’t seen it, go have a look; I bet you will, too.

Monday was also the day for the Question of the month, which asked about New Year’s resolutions I’ve had in the past. I said the only resolution I’ve ever made was to blog every day, and that was halfway through 2014, and I’m still at it. I’m honored that a few of you think that’s a major accomplishment, and I guess it is. It’s been much easier than I thought it would be. It just struck me that each blog post I do is about 600 words long, and I posted to the blog over 400 times last year. That’s a quarter of a million words. Imagine how much I could write if I had both hands working…

Two for Tuesday featured the music of progressive rockers Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. I prefaced the post by saying I was going to feature music by bands I liked whose albums I never got around to buying, primarily music I heard on FM radio when I was in high school, specifically progressive rock. Arlee and I discussed it briefly, and I made up my mind that the next series on Two for Tuesday would be progressive rock artists, which I announced during The Friday Five. I even have a banner for it:


I’ve started making new banners for all the regular features here at TSOOHT using Retype, an app I got free for being a Gold member at Starbucks. I’m still learning about it, but so far it’s a lot of fun. The one thing that’s a pain is it only works on my iPhone, meaning, in addition to having to work with the tiny keyboard, I need to upload it from my phone. That part’s easy; I back up the pictures on my phone to Dropbox, and can then access them from either my desktop or my laptop. The graphics are huge, so I then use GIMP to reduce them in size before uploading them to WordPress.

Tuesday’s JJJ prompt was 2016, and since I am my grandfather’s grandson, I factored the number down to its prime factors. Uncle Jack loved it and said Hicks would love it, too. Mollie, on the other hand, said equations like the one I put in the post make her vomit. Sorry about that, Mollie. Linda understood the math, but not its significance. Apart from the numerical manipulation, there wasn’t any.

A picture of my grandfather Hicks and me, taken twenty years ago. That’s why my hair is dark.

On Wednesdays for Mary, I told the story of growing a bread mold as a “science experiment” when I was about five or six. Fabulous Auntie Jill, also my godmother, enjoyed seeing her name in print, and Aunts Bitsy and Moe both enjoyed the story and hoped I would write more in the coming weeks. No idea what I’ll write about this week; Mary hasn’t told me. Incidentally, I notify the world about my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as simulcast on Blogger. If you have trouble commenting on WordPress, try one of those platforms.

The quote for One-Liner Wednesday (also my JJJ entry) was taken from a Peanuts cartoon, where Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown are all looking at the clouds. I told Elen that Linus comes off as a pompous ass on occasion, which might be part of his charm (and also why Lucy always wants to beat him up). She said it reminded her of the movie Baby Boom, which I know I saw but can’t remember the scene.

Thursday’s JJJ post was prompted by the word “robust,” which I know but never use, for whatever reason. I looked it up in the Free Dictionary, which told me it comes from the Latin for “oak,” and that got me started on a stream-of-consciousness about oaks. One of the oaks I mentioned was Twin Oaks Dairy, who used to deliver milk in my neighborhood back in the olden days. Ed said his godfather, who lived across the street from them when he was a kid, was a milkman, and said he thought there should be a long word in German that translates as “reminds me of.” If anyone knows of one, drop me a comment. He also mentioned Google and said it was no help finding out information, suggesting it was probably starring in a comic strip with Snuffy Smith. Barney Google almost never appears in the strip (a favorite target of the Comics Curmudgeon) anymore. Such is life.

I also announced the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands Thursday: the version of “My Special Angel” by The Vogues was deemed the best by readers of this blog. Congratulations to them.

The prompt for Friday’s JJJ was “honorable,” so I wrote about The Honorable Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago from 1955 to 1976. Bee, who lives in England, and Linda, who lives in Canada, said he sounded like an interesting man and a real character. I encouraged them, and I encourage everyone, to read one of the many books about his life and the things he did. Many of the political shenanigans that go on in this country now were first done by Daley and his Chicago Machine.

Linda came up with a different kind of prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: she asked us to think of the name of a movie and use that as a prompt. Naturally, the first movie that came to mind was Gone With The Wind, a movie that has great significance to Atlantans because it was written in a run-down apartment building here, and because the movie premiered at Loew’s Grand Theater on Peachtree Street. Deborah thought it was terrible that none of the Black actors and actresses, who made the movie so memorable, were allowed to attend the premiere, and it was. Segregation was still the law in most of the country (not just in the South) in 1939, a shameful part of American history. JoAnna found Margaret Mitchell’s epithet for the apartment building she wrote the book in (“The Dump”) amusing. And it still stands, despite numerous attempts to knock it down (which I think would have been Ms. Mitchell’s choice) and build something worthwhile there. It’s now a museum, incidentally.

Whew! The preceding took me most of the afternoon to write. I think I’ll need to start writing this summary as I write the entries.

Anyway, this week, all the usual features as well as JJJ entries. See you then!


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