18 thoughts on “#atozchallenge — Theme Reveal Sign-up is Open!”

  1. Thanks for explaining this. I may do the challenge this year. It looks like fun, but I need to be sure I’ll have the time to follow-through before I sign up. I even have an idea for a theme…


  2. Thanks for the reminder! I’m doing the challenge with 2 blogs and figured out the theme before I signed up 🙂 only thing is that in the weeks since I haven’t done all that much preparation so they might be a tad ambitious lol. But hey, we’ve more than a month! Do you have a theme this year?


      1. I’ve got the “raw meat” of the posts, so to speak. I’ve also got Big Ideas for an expansion of those ideas…I’m hoping to get to my post template in the next day or two, and, from there, it’s going on with the refining and expansion process (while I work on beta reads, revisions for three stories, finishing a draft, and plotting my CampNaNo novel in a whole new way)….

        Easy-Peasy, right? =)


        1. I have the word list and an idea of how I’m going to present the words, but haven’t actually started writing the posts. Meanwhile, I also need to write a few posts for the A to Z Challenge blog, including two to be posted during the challenge, and need to keep up with the daily postings. Great fun! It’s fun being busy…


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