Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Do any of you use Bloglovin’? I’m going to see what it does. If it’s not worth it, I’ll find out soon enough…

Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

14 thoughts on “Bloglovin’?”

    1. I really don’t see much of anything there that I’m interested in reading. The only blog I’m following there is my own, and that’s just so I could get past the first screen.


  1. I downloaded the app on my cell and I have been trying to find new blogs there that interest me. I have found none. I will follow you there too. However, I think it is really a place where blogs that are promoted are very streamlined. Not to knock them but, I got the impression these blogs were represented for the purpose of “Look what Bloglovin can do for you” kind of thing. Now, I do not ever say anything bad about any blogs. They all serve a great purpose in this world. I just did not get any connections there. No good feelings at all. My opinion only.
    Best Wishes,

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    1. That’s the impression I got, too. I figure there’s no harm in listing my blog there, but I’m not expecting to do much for me, and I find and follow enough blogs as it is, so I really don’t think I’ll benefit that way.

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  2. I use Bloglovin, although I don’t seem to be using it the way your other commenters use it. It’s solely a place to keep all the blogs I choose to follow in one place. I copy the URL of the blog I want to follow – whether they are Bloglovin attached or not – and paste that address into the Edit Blogs You Follow option that comes up when I click my profile picture.

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  3. I used it but have hopped over to WordPress more because most of the blogs I follow, I can follow from there. I can’t say either way if one is better than the other. I get a lot beauty blogs that I really have no interest in. lol


    1. Sounds like the people who have it don’t use it, and those who don’t don’t miss it.

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