Dad, the Disciplinarian

Mary hasn’t talked about this week’s WFMW, so I guess it’s up to me.


We loved our Dad, mostly because he wasn’t the one that disciplined us. He wasn’t especially good at it.

Not that he didn’t try…

One time, we were acting up, and he lined the three of us up and started lecturing us. He was really getting into it when all of a sudden Jim stuck his hand up.


“Sir, may I go to the bathroom?”

Mom, who was watching all of this from the couch, started laughing. It kind of took the wind out of his sails.

Another time, we were being noisy and horsing around in the living room. Dad, who was alone with us because Mom had gone somewhere, came in wearing his angry face. “John, go sit in the desk chair,” he said, pointing. I sat down. “Jim, go sit in the easy chair.” Jim sat down. “And Kip, sit on the couch.” Kip sat down. “Now, I don’t want the three of you to move. Understand?”

“Yes, Dad.”

Having done his job, he left the room. After a couple of minutes, I turned to Jim. “Jim, let’s switch seats.” When we had done that, Jim and Kip switched seats. Then, Jim and I switched again, and so did Jim and Kip. Now I was on the couch, Jim was on the desk chair, and Kip was in the easy chair. We were ready to switch again but Jim saw Dad coming.

Dad came into the room. “You three better behave yourselves.”

“Yes, Dad.”

He left the room again. And we moved again. I was now in the easy chair, Kip was on the desk chair, and Jim was on the couch.

We were giggling, and Dad came back in the room. “What are you giggling about?”

“Nothing, Dad.”

This went on until Mom got home. I don’t think he ever caught on. Or, if he did, he didn’t let on.

Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

8 thoughts on “Dad, the Disciplinarian”

  1. I remember your father at the dinner table being upset with the three of you when you were all toddlers and demanding your immediate attention; after everyone became silent he began his reprimand by saying, ” You know we have an ordinance around here………” I was an adult and I wasn’t certain what an ordinance was!


  2. Haha! Thank goodness for moms to keep the order…and remember the order in which it was kept. Poor dad.d Sounds like he didn’t stand a chance against you hooligans! 🙂


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