The Week That Was, O-T Edition

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Good and Plenty candy. Plenty good!

After my post on trains yesterday, my brother Kip suggested this as another train song. For those of you who don’t know what Good and Plenty is, they’re little cylinder-shaped pieces of licorice with a pink or white candy shell around each piece. When you shook the box, it sounded like a train chugging along on the tracks. Choo-Choo Charlie was the star of their commercials in the late Fifties and early Sixties.

The Week That Was

Busy, busy week this was. Several of my regular features (One-Liner Wednesday, Wednesdays for My Wife, Stream of Consciousness Saturday) were noticeably absent as I kept up with my second theme for the A to Z Challenge as well as trying to catch up on my commenting and monitoring Holton’s Heroes (who really needed no monitoring) and keeping up with list maintenance.

Still, we had plenty of fun here. I complain, but the A to Z Challenge is the highlight of my blogging year, and while maintaining two themes is a pain in the nether regions, it’s also a blast. Besides, I already had one theme done, and putting together playlists is my thing.

Incidentally, I think everyone should go out to the Neato Shop and check out the A to Z Challenge Survivor t-shirt that Jeremy Hawkins, our resident graphics genius, designed for this year. $19.95 for sizes up to 2X, and $25.95 and up for big ol’ boys like me who wear a size 3X to 6X, or for you ladies who like to sleep in enormous t-shirts. At least go over and have a look. I think you’ll find life to be incomplete without one. Which reminds me of a scene from my all-time favorite movie…

There are all kinds of good things to be had there, and you’ll be supporting a good cause.

Here are the links to this week’s posts, where you can find all the comments…

Day Portmanteau Theme Music Theme
Monday (O) Oxbridge “O” Artists
Tuesday (P) Pulsar Alan Parsons Project
Wednesday (Q) Quasar “Queen” Songs
Thursday (R) Rockumentary “Red” Songs
Friday (S) Sitcom Top 5 from “Super CFL,” 4/22/71
Saturday (T) tigon Train Songs

And a big “Thank You” to everyone who came by and commented:

Also thanks to everyone who left me a “like” and everyone who commented on Facebook or tweeted me on Twitter. If you haven’t been to these blogs, make sure you make it over there and say hi.

So, last week of the A to Z Challenge coming up this week. I promise we’ll get back to more-or-less normal next week. Hope to see you here!


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

2 thoughts on “The Week That Was, O-T Edition”

  1. I loved Good & Plentys. Do they still make those?? Loved that commercial.
    The George Harrison clip was cool too…
    Thanks for mentioning me John. Have a good week. It’s our final A-Z days coming up here. Are you tired yet?? 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark


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