Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top 5 from WJJD Chicago, May 2, 1960

Anytime I do one of these Chicago survey listings, I choose either WLS or WCFL, because they were the two big rockers from the Sixties and Seventies. But there was a third station in Chicago that was playing rock ‘n’ roll before those two stations: WJJD (1160 kHz AM), which did popular music from 1956 to 1965. And yes, they issued a weekly survey. Oldiesloon, my source for music surveys from the glory days of rock, has the WJJD surveys from 1956 to 1960, and I managed to dig one up from May 2, 1960, 56 years ago.

#5 – Charlie Rich, “Lonely Weekends”: You think of Charlie Rich as a Country & Western singer, but he could rock pretty well, too. A lot of rock’s early stars were country singers.

#4 – Percy Faith and His Orchestra, “Theme From ‘A Summer Place'”: As many times as I’ve hard the song, I’ve neither read the book nor seen the movie. How many of the rest of you can say the same?

#3 – The Brothers Four, “Greenfields”: We had a kind of tradition in my family that, on the last evening before school started, Mom and Dad and the three of us would get in the old Chevy Biscayne and go somewhere for ice cream. One year I remember hearing this in the car on our way there, and it’s always meant the end of summer to me.

#2 – Elvis Presley, “Stuck On You”: His followup #1 hit to 1959’s “A Big Hunk o’ Love.”

#1 – Johnny Horton, “Sink the Bismarck”: Johnny Horton’s songs were not only good, they were educational, too. Sadly, Johnny was killed in a car accident later in 1960 at the tender age of 35.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for May 2, 2016.

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8 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top 5 from WJJD Chicago, May 2, 1960”

  1. Hi Johnny!!! WJJD right here in Chicago! I remember them… and oh my what was his name… the only name that is popping in my head is Wolfman Jack, but that wasn’t…. oh wait I know DICK BIONDI!!! Wasn’t that it??? hahahaha Great memories every time I come here. Sorry I’m not much of a Elvis fan. There’s a few I really love… Like cryin’ in the chapel of love. That was great and a couple Christmas tunes too. Thanks for playin’ along… YOU SO ROCK!!!


    1. Dick Biondi, “The Mad I-tralian”… he was the first DJ in the country to play a Beatles record. He knew someone at Vee Jay Records, who released the first couple of Beatles singles and their first album, and got an advance copy of “Please Please Me,” I think. This was 1963, before anyone even heard of them in this country. I think he just retired, or cut back drastically, after fifty-plus years. He’s a legend.


    1. Those were the days when the Pop chart had all different types of music: rock, easy listening (the crooners), country, folk, and even some jazz. That kind of radio ceased to be in the 1970’s and now there just isn’t anything like it. That’s why it’s fun to look through those surveys and play the songs from them. I have yet to find one of the songs on a survey that isn’t on YouTube, and most of them have a lot of plays, so you know there are lots of people who miss it.


  2. I’ve seen A Summer Place on TV a couple of times. Sandra Dee was a very naughty girl in it. Can’t remember her naughty boyfriend’s name. Maybe it was Tab Hunter. The music is sweet.



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