Time for a new feed reader? #socs

I’m having trouble with Feedly, the RSS reader I use to read blog posts. It’s working all right, but I have a number of IFTTT scripts that run against it that have been shut off for more than a week now. IFTTT says it’s Feedly’s fault, and that I should contact them. Unfortunately, Feedly hasn’t answered, and I have a feeling they’re going to tell me the reason it’s not working is I’m not a Feedly Pro customer.

I looked at Feedly Pro, and while they have some nice features, it’s not worth the $65 a year it would cost. So, I have been looking at other feed readers, and discovered Inoreader

, which has all the services I had with Feedly as well as a few that Feedly wants $65 to give me. Free! Inoreader also has a Plus and a Pro level, which are paid levels, but nowhere near as pricey as Feedly.

I like Feedly, and am not especially happy about leaving, but for them to have changed my access and not told me has me thinking it’s time to switch. I’m going to keep both in case the problem has nothing to do with my not being a paid customer, but Inoreader looks nice right about now.

I decided, rather than move the file of blogs I read from Feedly, I would build the file on Inoreader manually. A lot of the feeds that were in the old file were dead, either for blogs that hadn’t been updated in years or for blogs that had been closed. Going forward, Inoreader will let me know about dead feeds, something Feedly said was “too hard” to do.


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Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

17 thoughts on “Time for a new feed reader? #socs”

  1. You sure know a lot more about this than I do. I still read blogs the old fashioned ways. I would say, best of luck, but there’s more than luck involved here. There are smarts, and you’ve got em.


    1. Actually, using an RSS reader makes life much easier than going to each blog and checking. The posts are delivered to the reader. It takes some time to set things up, but once you’ve done that, they pretty much run themselves. If you follow lots of blogs (I follow close to 300, including WordPress, Blogger, and YouTube feeds), they can save you lots of grief. Just a thought.


  2. Hi John – interesting to know about InoReader though .. I shall keep my eyes open .. and remember this … and know you’ll keep us up to date with developments etc .. Cheers Hilary


    1. Don’t get me wrong, Feedly’s an excellent RSS reader, but too many of the features I need are for the paying customers, and $65 a year is more than I’m willing to pay. I’m going to keep it around for a while and run it and Inoreader in parallel and see if a move is worth it, but I have everything in the second reader.

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  3. John, Normally I prefer getting email updates to remind me when someone has something new to say, but in the clutter of my in-box stuff gets lost. So, I’m in the process of bookmarking all of my routine blogs I visit frequently and this seems to work pretty well, but of course this doesn’t flag me of new posts. Well, I hope this new feeder works well for you. It certainly is a good idea to keep up on those abandoned blogs that slow you down when you go through the list. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be back later when your BoTB goes live!


    1. The feed readers are very good for accumulating the posts and presenting them, and they save you a lot of time, particularly if you keep up with as many blogs as I do. They’re definitely worth a look. Feedly is a very good reader if all you’re looking to do is read RSS feeds, and it’s reasonably simple. I think I’ve just gone as far as I can with it.

      My Battle of the Bands will be up later. I’ve been trying to visit everyone else’s BoTB before doing my own, or I get busy and don’t go see the others…

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  4. John, we’re sorry to see you go. There have been some issues with IFTTT lately. All should be OK right now. Please, let me know at petr@feedly.com I’ll help you with any questions or issues you have.


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