The Mid-May Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Dristan nasal decongestant. It’s like sending your sinuses to Arizona!

I know they still make Dristan and Anacin, but I never see them anymore. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

The Week That Was

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement with my health difficulties, which I detailed Thursday in my Writer’s Workshop entry. The therapist I saw this past Wednesday saw that my situation was a lot more complicated than originally felt, but he did a great job in referring me to a facility that has access to people who can deal with it. I see them Thursday, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know what’s going on as it happens. Hey, what’s a blog for, right?


I now have the blogs I’ve been following loaded into Inoreader and will start using it in parallel with Feedly, because I’m still hoping the problems with Feedly and IFTTT get worked out. Inoreader has some great features, though, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than Feedly. I’ll let you know what I decide as I use both of them.

On the Friday Five, I didn’t remember that I was going to do songs with “mind” as the theme and instead did songs with “tired” in the title, because I was tired. Maybe I’ll do “mind” for Monday’s Music Moves Me, if it’s another freebie week. If not, I’ll do them on Friday. Those of you who commented seem to have liked the songs I chose. My brother was particularly happy I chose a song from Blazing Saddles. Could Mel Brooks have made that movie in this day and age? I don’t think so.

I’ll keep this short, because Mary wants to get going. Thanks to all of you who commented and “like”d posts. I’ll try to do as well this week. See you then!


Author: John Holton

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11 thoughts on “The Mid-May Week That Was”

  1. I still like Mel Brooks movies. I’m fond of the one about History, can’t remember the title, it’s been SO long!
    Good luck with your referral to experts, I’ll be wishing you well.


    1. “History of the World, Part I” with Mel, Gregory Hines, Ron Carey, Sid Ceasar (in the Caveman scenes) and a host of guest stars, including Harvey Korman as Count de Monet. I always wanted to see Part II, which they talked about at the end of Part I, with “Hitler on Ice,” “Viking Funeral,” and “Jews In Space!” It never came out, probably because it wasn’t supposed to… That movie was hilarious…

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    1. That, and TV networks and local stations weren’t trying to cram as many commercials into a minute as they could. Those were also the days when one of the cast of the show would deliver the commercial (think Ed McMahon doing the Alpo Dog Food commercials on the Tonight Show in the Sixties). But, you know what? I watch the old commercials and, even though they take a minute, I’m not bored…

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  2. Hi John – that would put me off Dristan … but thankfully I don’t suffer. Good luck with resolving things – at least there are other options and I hope this week’s appointment helps you … take care – cheers Hilary


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