Question of the Month: Travel Destinations? #qotm


Michael has a puzzler for us today:

Of all the places in the world that you haven’t yet been to, where would you like to go next?

When I was employed, I did a lot of travel on business, and saw 31 out of the fifty United States, Canada, and locations on four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America). It’s a good thing I did all that travel when I was young and healthy, because now that I’m disabled, I can no longer drive, and Mary prefers to stay close to home. I doubt we’ll be doing any travel outside the state of Georgia, let alone out of the country.

I have no regrets. Travel is a huge pain in the ass at best, and I don’t need the hassle. There are a few places I would have liked to have seen, and others I’d have liked to have seen again, but on the whole, I’m content to stay within a five-mile radius of home.

As for places I would have liked to see:

  • Paris. I spent four hours in Charles de Gaulle Airport on my way back from Singapore, and that’s the closest I got. I’ve seen pictures people have taken, and think it is a beautiful city, and often imagined sitting in a cafe, drinking espresso and smoking Gaulioses, even though I quit smoking years ago.
  • Mongolia. Don’t ask me why, I just decided one day that I wanted to know more about it, and I liked what I saw. It looks like a beautiful place.

Places I would have liked to see again include:

  • Cincinnati. It’s where Dad was born, and my grandmother loved living there. I visited a number of times when I was working, and got a chance to find my way around. And Reds fans are great; I’d try to see a balllgame whenever I went, because it was a great atmosphere. I loved sitting in the red seats behind home plate, way up high where I could see everything. 
  • The strip of beach between Santa Monica and Ventura in southern California. I walked it one afternoon, all the way down and all the way back. It’s a long way, but worth every step, and the sight of the sun falling into the Pacific Ocean (not really, but it sure looks that way) is not to be missed.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to  travel, even on business, and have no regrets that I won’t be traveling any tome in the foreseeable future.

I’m sure I’ll have a chance to visit all of your blogs, though, and I’ll be interested to see what y’all have to say…

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20 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Travel Destinations? #qotm”

  1. Of all the places in the world that I haven’t been to yet, if I could I’d like to go to the Galapagos Islands. I haven’t been there because somehow I have this perception that it would be VERY EXPENSIVE to get there and stay there. I haven’t checked out the specific prices but I’ve tried to map out the logistics of going there from Kuala Lumpur and apparently there are quite a lot of transit required and that translates into higher costs. And since it’s not easy to get too, living on the island would be expensive (I think) because hotels/ resorts would also need to spend lots to outfit their lodgings. So, if I win the lottery, I’ll my winnings to get to the Galapagos Islands 🙂


  2. Hi John – well you certainly saw the world … I’ve never been to the far east – one day perhaps … but being home has its advantages … I’m enjoying being around Sussex at the moment … and especially now we have some sun! Cheers and take care – Hilary


  3. While working in Dubai, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I had a staff of about thirty, most of whom were Indians from Kerala. Barring unforeseens, we’re finally going there for a ten-day tour in October.


  4. Travelling is definitely easier when you’re younger! 🙂 Hubby and I found that out when we were climbing rocks and hundreds of steps in Greece a few years ago. (Best trip of my life, regardless; it was #1 on the bucket list.) You’ve certainly seen a lot of this world and must have wonderful memories to draw on. I’m still dreaming of Egypt, Venice and Malta, but only Venice seems likely at this point if that. We’re close to retiring and travelling has become so expensive!


  5. Just like you, I’ve done a lot of business travel in my life and it is, indeed, not glamorous. One place I would love to see again is London. I just loved it. Another place I would like to visit again is New Orleans! Been there several times and I loved the food and the music. I’m a city person for sure.


    1. I’ve lived in the South almost thirty years and have never been to New Orleans. Oddly enough, Mary has: she went to a religious conference at the Superdome years ago.


  6. Travel is a beast, yes.
    That being said, I love to do it. But preferably without children. I truly hope The Mister and I can travel in later years. Our lists don’t always match. Together we want to see many places, first, Ireland. There are a lot of places we agree on, but some places only one of us wants to go. I want to see South Africa and he doesn’t. He wants to go to China and I do not.
    In terms of travel in the continent here, I’ve seen a lot of it, most of it, really, and he’s never been way UP east or west, so they remain things to do, probably with children. But then he’s seen more of the world outside North America and I know there are places he’d like to see again.


    1. A lot of my travel has been by myself. I brought Mary on a trip to Holland and England, and she decided she didn’t want to try and entertain myself while I was at work. Of course, the next trip was to Hawai’i…

      Our idea of vacation was getting in the car and driving somewhere. I have family in Chicago, so that was the usual destination.

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  7. Fortunately, I can still drive. I hope the day never comes when I can’t but I guess I would adapt. Like you I got a lot of travel behind me when I was younger and thanks to my job. There are a lot of places that I’d like to return to and many that I do return to on a regular basis. To me there’s nothing like the good ol’ U.S. of A.

    Not sure where your beach walk was as there is a lot of beach between Ventura and Santa Monica. I’ve walked the beach walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier a number of times. It’s one of my go to places when people come to visit me. It’s a pleasant kind of pretty walk and there is so much weirdness as far a people goes. There are a lot of weird people to see in California period, but maybe they think I look weird too.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Sounds like the same thing I did, from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach…. okay, I did it the other way. And I met a lot of the California Crazies along the way.


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