BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “I Remember You” Results


My last battle pitted country singer and guitarist extraordinaire Glen Campbell against the lovely vocal stylings of Miss June Christy. The song was the Victor Schertzinger-Johnny Mercer classic, “I Remember You,” a jazz and country standard I usually identify with British country singer Frank Ifield (Glen’s version sounded a lot like Frank’s, didn’t it?), who had a big hit with it in 1962 on both sides of the pond. The votes are in and have been tabulated, and here is the result.

Glen Campbell: 7
June Christy: 4

This was a lot closer than I thought. As the results trickled in, it looked as though Glen was running away with it, but June more than held her own. Congratulations to Glen, and kudos to Miss Christy for making this a real contest.

The next scheduled Battle of the Bands will be Friday, July 1. Brother Kip gave me several suggestions, and I think I’ll use one of his. See you then!


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

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