Monday’s Music Moves Me: The Dave Clark Five!

I had originally set this up as a Friday Five, but then remembered I had something else in mind for last Friday, so I save this one, knowing there would be an opportunity to use this eventually. Well, eventually is today….


Way back when I did my Two for Tuesday series on the British Invasion, I dedicated the second post to The Dave Clark Five. They were the second British Invasion to band to appear on Ed Sullivan’s show, after The Beatles, and their song “Glad All Over” succeeded “I Want To Hold Your Hand” as the #1 song on the British Pop Chart in January, 1964. They had a #1 in the US with “Over and Over” in December 1965.

They started as The Dave Clark Quintet, but since people were having trouble understanding what a “quintet” was, they renamed themselves The Dave Clark Five. The group consisted of Dave Clark on drums, Mike Smith on keyboards and lead vocals, Lenny Davidson on lead guitar, Rick Huxley on bass, and Denis Payton on saxophones, harmonica, and guitar. While it was customary for the drummer to sit on a platform behind the other instruments, Dave, being the bandleader, would often sit at stage floor level, with the other band members on a platform beside him. Other times, he would sit in the middle of the stage, with the rremaining members on either side.

The tendency at the time was to present The Beatles and The DC5 as rivals, competing for the screams of American teenaged girls, but I think they were more complements to each other. The Beatles represented Liverpool and the Merseybeat Sound, from northern England, while The DC5 were (maybe the only) representatives of the “Tottenham sound,” from the northern suburbs of London. The Beatles were primarily a guitar group, while The DC5 were driven by keyboards and saxophone, the guitar and bass primarily background instruments. They were more different than they were similar.

While The Beatles have been remembered, Dave and the band have been largely forgotten, and that’s a shame. So, let’s play some Dave Clark Five today! The songs are from the days when pop songs consistently ran under three minutes and were sometimes played slightly faster than 45 RPM, so stations could brag they played more music per hour.

Glad All Over

Over And Over

You Got What It Takes

Anyway You Want It

Can’t You See That She’s Mine?


Unlike many bands from that period, the DC5 didn’t reunite after they split up in 1970. Dave stopped drumming two years later after damaging his hands in a tobogganing accident. He owns the rights to all the band’s music as well as the rights to Ready, Steady, Go!, a program similar to American Bandstand that ran on British television in the Sixties.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the music of The Dave Clark Five. There’s plenty on YouTube and streaming on the various services, so immerse yourself in the Tottenham sound. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 27, 2016.

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Author: John Holton

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13 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: The Dave Clark Five!”

  1. They were inducted into the Rock Hall the year I visited…I had a lot of their vinyl. There couldn’t have been a reunion, because Mike Smith died that year and I believe Lenny Davidson predeceased him. They performed pretty well for a group that didn’t get along with each other.


    1. Lenny and Dave are the only two still alive, and Dave hasn’t played since ’72. Too bad, they were a good band. Their sound reminds me of Paul Revere and the Raiders, with the keyboards and saxophone dominating. That was the predominant sound until The Beatles came along.


    1. They might just be before your time. The DC5 was only active during the Sixties, and didn’t get much play after that. You’ll hear some of these on oldies channels, both over-the-air and online. Hope you enjoyed it!


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