BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Hello Stranger” Results


So, in our last battle, the song was “Hello Stranger,” originally by Barbara Lewis. The contestants were The Capitols, who were managed by Barbara Lewis’s manager, who covered it in 1966, and Yvonne Elliman, who covered it roughly ten years later. Voting was light, but enough to yield this result…

The Capitols: 3
Yvonne Elliman: 6


Congratulations to Yvonne Elliman, and a pat on the back to The Capitols for a job well done.

Kip said “Cheating a little here: Yvonne’s version was a hit while I was in college, so she gets my vote!” That’s not cheating, as far as I’m concerned. See, in his case, he heard Yvonne Elliman’s version of the song on the radio as often as he heard The Capitols version coming from his brother’s room. See, I nearly played the grooves off that version when I was in high school, because I loved it that much. When I heard Yvonne’s version, I was, frankly, underwhelmed by it, even though it’s nearly identical to Barbara Lewis’s version, right down to the “Sh-bop sh-bop, oh baby”s at the beginning of it. Had it been a split decision, I would have given The Capitols the tie-breaking vote. But that’s all moot.

Next time, one of Kip’s more recent suggestions. That’ll be about nine days from today, on August 1. Be there or be square!


Author: John Holton

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4 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Hello Stranger” Results”

    1. You’re probably right. It was the B side of “Cool Jerk,” The Capitols’ only Top 40 hit. Elliman’s was all over the radio, so people are more familiar with it, and she’s a bigger name. Her version is OK; I just preferred the other.


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