Writer’s Workshop: Pie!

So, the prompt is “Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous July and write a poem or a blog post.” I went back through my posts for the last four Julys and didn’t find any photos per se. I’m what you might call “photographically challenged”: I have a hard time controlling the camera in my phone. As a result, you won’t typically see photos here, and when you do, there’s a better than average chance it was copped from somewhere else.

When I include pictures, they’re more likely to be graphics like the one above, which I created using Quozio, a service that takes your quote and formats it so it can be used in a blog post. In addition, I’ve learned to use HTML and create boxes that contain quotes (I use the style= parameter to specify the foreground and background colors, the size and weight of the fonts, etc.), which aren’t photos but which are graphics. I’ve been more conscious of adding graphics to blog posts since I started posting to Pinterest. Pinterest will use a video if there’s no picture, a good thing for me since I post lots and lots of videos, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I included the graphic above in a blog post sometime in July 2014, when I was summarizing my day. That was the month I began blogging every day, and I was doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a challenge where you have to post every day in July. They hold the challenges about four times a year, so if you’re interested, follow the link. The post itself included a reference to a shopping trip where Mary and I bought a pie, if I remember a Marie Callender’s Banana Cream pie. We don’t buy whole pies all that frequently, but they were on sale, if I remember correctly.

Mary is trying not to buy sweets all the time, but pie is a weakness. We have an O’Charley’s near us, and every day is Free Pie Wednesday, where you get a free slice of pie with any entree. We don’t usually make it there on Wednesday, though; we tend to go on Monday for lunch, and I will ask the server to upgrade my $9.99 meal to include a bowl of Chicken Harvest soup and a slice of pie. O’Charley’s is now owned by the same company that owns Baker’s Square restaurants, one of our favorite places to eat when we lived in Chicago, mostly because you could have pie for dessert, and the pies at O’Charley’s all come from there.

David Mamet, who wrote the line above, is a playwright based in Chicago. Any time you see a question on Jeopardy! about a playwright from Chicago, he’s the answer. He wrote the stage play and the screenplay for Glengarry Glen Ross, including this famous scene featuring Adam Baldwin.

So much for this little stream of consciousness piece….


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Pie!”

  1. Pie rocks. In fact, it has been a little stressful. The only problem is, pie requires me to bake. Kinda scary!!!


    1. We generally get frozen pies, so we don’t have to roll out the dough or anything. Just follow the directions. Some pies, like banana cream or coconut cream, are ready to eat, just thaw them. Maybe that’s what they mean by “easy as pie.” XD


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