#1LinerWeds from Paul Virilio


If you don’t read Kristen Lamb’s blog (called [surprise!] “Kristen Lamb’s Blog“), you really ought to, especially if you’re a writer looking to create a brand and use social media to your best advantage. If you do read her blog, you already know that. She’s written several books, including Rise Of The Machines — Human Authors In A Digital World, and blogs several times a week on topics of interest to writers and just about anyone else. I’m talking several thousand words in some cases, but she has lots to say and it’s all worth hearing.

Her post today, from which the quote above was taken, was “Faces of Facebook – Is Technology Killing Your Muse?” It’s about how technology is a great thing, provided you don’t spend every waking minute with it. Go read it, and spend some time reading the other articles there. I know you’ll enjoy yourself, because she doesn’t mince words, tells it like it is, gives great advice, and she’s really funny.


One-Liner Wednesday is sponsored by Linda Hill, who has all the other pingbacks and rules for playing at her blog.


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

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