An Observation About Higher Mathematics For #1LinerWeds

Did you realize that, as you continue the study of mathematics beyond calculus, you reach a point where it’s no longer about numbers?

I was reminded of that fact by this morning’s xkcd cartoon…


The image caption says “Next, let’s assume the decision of whether to take the Axiom of Choice is made by a deterministic process …” Having gotten as far as Real Analysis as a math major (after that year I transferred and changed my major to the much less dangerous Production and Operations Management), I actually kinda understand that…


One-Liner Wednesday is the creation of the lovely and talented Linda Hill, who has all the rules and this week’s pingbacks at her blog.


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

9 thoughts on “An Observation About Higher Mathematics For #1LinerWeds”

    1. I got into Operations Management thinking I’d learn a little more operations research than I did. There are probably lectures out on YouTube; maybe now that I’m retired I should watch some of them…

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  1. Yeah, my kids were pretty much on their own in the math department with their school work. I felt sorry for them and amazed at the same time that they actually knew what they were talking about for the most part.


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