Last The Week That Was of the (Meteorological) Summer

See if you can guess who’s playing Ronald McDonald in his first-ever commercial.

Answer later!

The Week That Was

Another busy week here at TSOOHT. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented.

The assignment for Monday’s Music Moves Me was to come up with songs that inspired me. I came up with five, and you came up with many more. Thank you! I’ll build a playlist with all your suggestions and feature a few of them tomorrow.

Conway Twitty and Sam Moore won the latest Battle of the Bands, whether they or Aaron Neville did a better job of “A Rainy Night In Georgia.” It’s such a great song, there are no bad versions, but I concur, Conway and Sam did a hell of a job on it. There’ll be another Battle this Thursday, so be sure and stay tuned.

Linda Ronstadt continued our string of “Popular Chaanteuses” on Two For Tuesday. Linda retired from singing in 2011, and Parkinson’s disease has robbed her of her ability to sing, but she left behind an impressive catalog of music, so we’ll be hearing her gorgeous voice well into the future. As I told Birgit, she wasn’t just a beautiful girl who sang nice songs: she challenged herself, doing several albums of standards and several of music from Mexico and the Caribbean, and made that music as popular as her country and rock songs. Halfmoon Mollie liked the covers she did of Hank Williams Sr.’s songs. I always thought she’d sound wonderful doing Hank’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.”

My contribution to One-Liner Wednesday was sparked by an xkcd cartoon that reminded me of the classes in math that I took after Calculus. The only math classes after Calculus that have anything to do with numbers are Statistics and Differential Equations, both of which I’ve also suffered through taken. I actually liked Statistics, and my Diff EQ class was taught by a man who looked like a cartoon character. It was good to see that xkcd has so many fans among my readers. I think it’s funny even when I don’t exactly understand it.

Writer’s Workshop wanted to hear a story from my old neighborhood, and while it was a little off the reservation, I told the story of finding a combination lock in the alley and the things I went through to get the combination for it. Getting the combination involved walking places I hadn’t gone by myself and that I was sure my mother would have disapproved of (though, now that I think about it, she probably wouldn’t have cared). Then, after I got the combination, I had nothing to lock with it, so I locked it on the radiator in my room, only to discover several years later that I lost the combination. Everyone seems to like the stories of my old days, and Ed asked if I intended on building those into a book. I need a few more stories, but yes, there’ll be a book forthcoming at some point. Several people, including Joey and Kat, wanted to know if the lock was still there. Now they’ve got me curious, although I don’t know how I’d find out.

As is my practice here, the week after I publish a post where I’ve come up with songs to fit a theme, I ask my readers to do the same, and publish them the following week. The Friday Five was thus your choices for songs with “white” in the title. You came up with eight, including one that really didn’t belong (“The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” by Bobby Vee) but which I thought originally was called “Little White Lies.” If I had written the song, that would have been its name. Mollie wrote in to say that “White Lightning” was actually written by Texas disk jockey J. P. Richardson, better known by his performing name, “The Big Bopper.”

The prompt Linda came up with for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “your/you’re/yore,” not necessarily in that order. I went on a rant about when to use “your” and when to use “you’re,” as well as “their/there/they’re” and “to/two/too.” Joey wrote about the same subject in her SoCS post, and included a delightfully profane chart of which word to use when. Reminds me of a discussion I had with a database administrator who’d had a few beers when I asked him what Third Normal Form was (which I remember by the sentence “the key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd.” It makes sense if you know some of the history behind it). Janet reminded me of the difference between “its” and “it’s,” Parul hinted at the difference between “then” and “than,” and Jo said her big bugaboo was “should of” and “could of,” which in no way mean the same thing as “should’ve” and “could’ve.” One that really gets me is people who use “cause” instead of “because”; please, if you’re going to do that, don’t forget the apostrophe in front of “’cause” to show that “be” has been dropped.

Has anyone noticed that political discussions on Facebook are rife with things like this? Better to stay out of it altogether.

Okay, well that’s it for this week. Tomorrow I publish your choices for inspirational songs, Tuesday another chanteuse, a one-liner for Wednesday, another Writer’s Workshop entry on Thursday, a Friday Five, and a stream of consciousness entry for Saturday, PLUS a Battle of the Bands this Thursday. See you then!

The answer to the quiz: former Today show weatherman Willard Scott.


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