Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Source: Mike Burger

I’ve left some comments on WordPress blogs and attempted a pingback to another, and none of them have appeared. I don’t think any of you have moderation on, so could you check your spam folders and see if they’re ending up in there? This is nuts: I enter comments the same way I always do, and they’re not showing up. I’m starting to take it personally…

Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

23 thoughts on “Hello? Can anyone hear me?”

  1. Ok, I checked and your comment about the fog/Chicago area photos was in my spam folder thing. I got it out and replied on the post. 🙂 Hope the glitch doesn’t last long!


  2. I am stopping by to wish my friends I follow a Happy Labor Day weekend. I have been super busy (100 hours over two weeks time at work!) and enjoying short times with my grandchildren’s after school activities, already! Take care and good luck figuring out the blog and computer stuff. I am at the library since my cell phone doesn’t acknowledge my email nor my blog!


  3. I saw the posts about comments missing from Joey and Linda and didn’t think it happened to me. But guess what it did. Your nice comment about my Grandma post and Joey’s comment was in my spam. I am glad I looked. Geez.


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