Writer’s Workshop: Thirteen Lines of Stream-of-Consciousness

The meteorologists call today, September 1, the beginning of autumn.

We know it doesn’t actually get here until later in the month, but that’s the arrival of astronomical autumn.

For many, summer ends on Monday, Labor Day in the United States and Labour Day in Canada.

When I was in school, the year began on the Wednesday after Labor Day.

This was the week we would take vacation and go to Delavan, Wisconsin when Dad was alive.

He’d golf, and when he got back we’d go to the beach and maybe to a movie in the evening.

I miss those days.

Now, kids start back to school at the beginning of August.

They get ten weeks off between Memorial Day and the start of school.

It’s still summer when they go back, and here in the South it’s still hot.

I don’t know how they do it, really; I mean, I’d be upset at losing a chunk of summer vacation that big.

And if I were a teacher, I’d want that month back.

I’m glad those days are behind me.



Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Thirteen Lines of Stream-of-Consciousness”

  1. Hi John – this start of Autumn lark is a little strange, I quite agree, especially when we’ve been really hot here in the south east. I’ve given up on school times – I hit the road and think bother … why didn’t I go out earlier or later! Holidays have definitely changed … I was happy with knowing when the holidays and school terms were – similar each year .. made life really comfortable for planning etc – even as a school kid. Cheers Hilary PS Happy Labour Day …


  2. Here in California we have Indian summers and our weather gets nicest in September and October. I feel sorry for the kids who have to go to school in the middle of August, but the way they have changed the school system since I went is a whole other rant for me (think no Home Ec, Auto or Woodshop for starters). I tried out the Writer’s Workshop this week for the first time. Would love to know what you think.


  3. I know – it seems like school runs longer and starts sooner every year! I know most school systems are trying for continuity – hoping those young brains will have remembered everything since school let out. But students (and teachers) are under such pressure these days to “test well” (as opposed to “learn” and “inspire”) that they NEED that break to spend time with friends, learn more about themselves, read what they like, and spend time outdoors, on vacation if possible, and with their families.


  4. I hear you! I don’t know how those school districts think that’s a good idea. Our schools here in the Seattle area go back after Labor Day and I’m so glad to get those last few sunshiney days in!


    1. I guess they figure keeping them in school an extra month will help them with all the standardized tests they have to take, or maybe they need the extra month because the standardized teststake upo so much time. Seems like we were always able to fit them in, though the concept of standardized tests was in its infancy when I went to school. The other thing is, when do they get breaks during the day? I’ve heard (and again, I’m getting all this secondhand) they’ve severely curtailed recess, gym, and art and music classes. That can’t be good…


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