Monday’s Music Moves Me: TV Game Show Themes

I have a semi-regular feature here called “TV Themes.” I forget what I’m up to by now, so this is either volume seven or eight or something. I used to be good about building playlists of them, and have several out there: the main list, Part 5 dedicated to Mike Post, Westerns, and themes by Snuffy Walden.

Anyway, today’s list is all about game shows. I have ten here, but they’re short, I promise.

Mary and I have been watching a lot of old game shows lately. A local station plays reruns of the original Password, What’s My Line?, and You Bet Your Life, and Buzzr plays reruns of To Tell The Truth, What’s My Line?, and I’ve Got A Secret every night from 9 to 11 (we miss the second hour because we’re watching Hogan’s Heroes). And, of course, we still watch Wheel of Fortune (with the sound off; Mary doesn’t like the sound of the wheel) and Jeopardy! We no longer get the Game Show Network, because we don’t have cable, but we used to watch a lot of those shows as well. I watched a lot of game shows when I was younger; it’s a genre that seems to have died now that most people are working and not at home in the morning and afternoon. The Price Is Right soldiers on with Drew Carey as host, and there’s a reboot of Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady in Monty Hall’s place. But that’s it. Sponsors, who used the shows as advertisements, recognize that no one’s watching the shows anymore, so they’ve been replaced with endless talk shows, which are much cheaper to make.


The Price Is Right

The Match Game (“Swingin’ Safari”) (the NBC version that ran from 1962 to 1969)

To Tell The Truth

Password (1961 version)

What’s My Line? (1968 and 1972 version)

Concentration (“Fast Break,” theme from 1973-1978)

Wheel of Fortune (1989-1992)

The Joker’s Wild

You Bet Your Life (“Hooray For Captain Spaulding”)

And that’s your Monday’s Music Moves Me for September 12, 2016. Did you watch game shows as a kid? What were your favorites?

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Author: John Holton

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33 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: TV Game Show Themes”

  1. Never had TV when I was a kid. Listened to a lot of quiz shows on the radio. I remember one that I never missed called “It Pays To Be Ignorant.” – not serious questions but a lot of laughs.


  2. Yes, I remember them, and as I was listening to these snippets just now, some of them made me think of the ring tones that are available on my phone. Loved concentration. The Match Game was pretty funny too. Happy Monday!


  3. This brings back memories, John. I used to love watching game shows but it’s been a long time. Nothing like the Price is Right, Family Feud, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for some easy entertainment.


    1. I can remember when I was in high school sitting around in my underwear watching game shows on TV every morning during the summer. I didn’t manage to get dressed until noon, after the old Wheel of Fortune with Chuck Woolery, and whatever I was going to do then had to be over by 2 so I could watch The Price Is Right and The Match Game. We watch a lot of Buzzr now, and a local station runs old Password and What’s My Line (from before I was born, so that’s at least sixty years) reruns. Great stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I like Family Feud, too; you can still get the reruns with Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Richard Karn, Louie Anderson, and John O’Herlihy on Buzzr and GSN, too. I’m not sure where the current version; guess I should check my local listings…


  4. I loved watching game shows as a kid. Just recently I watched a (rerun) of Card Shark.
    We used to watch Wheel of Fortune every night and my daughter learned to spell very well watching that show. She says she learned her ABC’s that way. LOL

    You should have kept this one for a theme for 4M’s!
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


    1. Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak have become synonymous with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, but they weren’t the first hosts of either; Hugh Downs and Chuck Woolery, respectively, were the original hosts. And I remember when the venerable Bill Cullen hosted The Price Is Right…


  5. I loved watching all the game shows. The music for them was great. We have a CD of some of the TV show songs, little snippets of them anyway. Brings back memories of good times. Some of the old sit-coms I still can remember all the words to the songs they used. 🙂


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