Writer’s Workshop: Cable Internet vs. Inner Peace

Nothing makes me lose peace worse than Internet issues, and we’ve had a boatload of them lately. Seems we’ll be going along and everything will be fine, then suddenly we have no connection (despite the modem showing all the connections are okay), after which the modem (actually a gateway, a combined modem and wi-fi router) will reset itself. It might go hours or days without this issue (or maybe I’m not home when it happens), then it’ll start pulling the disconnecting and resetting thing every twenty minutes.

I thought it might be related to the cable connection into my office, so I moved the gateway downstairs near the TV, where we have another cable connection we’re no longer using for TV. No difference. Finally, I bought a new gateway, thinking Bombast (it rhymes) would tell me it wasn’t their signal, it was my equipment. Same issue. I contacted the manufacturer of the new gateway, who sent me instructions on how to read the statistics page and tell whether or not the signal was exceeding the limits of the gateway. And everything looked okay, but it was still resetting itself.

Finally, I called Bombast, and, after navigating my way through their voice menus, I get put in touch with someone. I tried to tell him what the issue was and he just walks me through the same thing I’ve been told to do, and which I’ve done myself a hundred times, during which he tells me he can knock $30 off my bill if I agree to accept cable and phone service. We cut the cord several years ago because we could get everything we wanted over the air, and we’re already shelling out for cellular phones, so I don’t need nor do I want a land line, but he was persistent (i.e. pushy). I finally told him, “Look! I don’t want cable TV, I don’t want a land line, I don’t want home security, I just want my f*cking Internet service to stop quitting on me!”

Evidently, he made some change at his end and so far it’s stayed up, but then it’s only been an hour. But I’m hopeful. I sat for about half an hour petting Minnie and Jasmine, two of my cats, until I felt peace again.

I’m starting to wonder if they cause problems on purpose to try and get me to call so they can try to sell me stuff I neither need nor want.

You realize, of course, that I lived almost forty years without the Internet. There are times I miss those days. I was a lot more peaceful then.

Pray for me, please…


Author: John Holton

I'm a writer and blogger who writes and blogs about things that interest me.

15 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Cable Internet vs. Inner Peace”

  1. It never occurred to me that the companies might create problems in order to create business. I have AT&T wi-fi. The only time it went out was during Hurricane Matthew. They’ve probably given up on getting me to buy anything else. Occasionally the TV says that the internet connection isn’t strong enough to play a show. Big deal. We watch it later. But when you’re trying to work on your computer and the signals falters, it slows you down. You’re right that we older folks lived for years without the internet, but it’s getting to the point that it’s difficult to do a lot of things without the internet. I don’t know how people who don’t have it manage.



  2. Sometimes when I’ve had to call Bombast (yes, I use them too), I wonder if someone listens to my snarky comments while I’m on hold or trying to get through the recording maze to find a human.

    About landlines: I wanted to buy a gift card for my son-in-law’s birthday. The restaurant (not a chain) must be in the dark ages. First of all, they didn’t sell gift cards, only certificates. Second of all, I couldn’t purchase it on-line. Third of all, they wanted me to download a PDF, print it out, fill it out, and then FAX it to them. I asked them, “Does anybody really FAX anymore? I haven’t had a land-line in years!” Then I learned that after they receive the FAXed form, they would fill out a certificate and snail mail it.

    I remember years ago when none of that would have been odd and I would have been excited, “What? I can access the form on a computer and print it out? Woohoo!!”


    1. It’s amazing that, in just fifteen years, everything has become so Internet-driven that you don’t have to physically intervene to make something happen, and how paperless everything has become. FAX is still around, but nowhere near as prevalent as it was in the Nineties and earlier this century. It doesn’t surprise me, though, that a small business might be stuck in the dark ages, as you put it. They probably found something that works and figured there was no reason to change it.


  3. Nothing bothers me more than when I call about a problem and our cable provided (which rhymes with Box) starts to sell me something. Excuse me, if you can’t make what I already pay for, work, why would I want to buy more stuff from you?

    I hope the connection holds for you.


    1. Thanks. Yeah, the guy’s telling me he can cut my bill by $30 if I take cable TV and phone service, and I’m like, well why don’t you cut my bill by $30 and forget the TV and phone? “Oh we can’t do that…”

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  4. I have written about Bombast before. Bombast has a monopoly here. I can switch to AT&T, but it’s too slow. Our extended family has AT&T and they come here to download and upgrade various programs on their devices — that’s how slow it is.
    I call every 5-6 months to renegotiate my bill. I have done this for three years now. They raise the rates without warning, like the rats they are, and I make them drop them again. I have no complaints about the provided service, but as you know, in addition to being greedy rats, they are also the worst customer service reps on earth. It takes me an hour every ******* time. An hour of my life every 5-6 months and MUCH petting of furbabies!


    1. Their support reps must be on commission, because I get a hard sell from them every time I call. I hate calling them for that reason. There are rumors that Google Fiber is moving into town (I think they have it in the eastern suburbs, but haven’t gotten to my side yet), and when it’s available, I might just move.

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  5. I have Comcast and they also raise the rates with no warning. However, my connection isn’t too bad. I have 3 computers and 2 TVs, which I am looking for something better than Comcast but they all seem to have their issues.


    1. Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints about my connection, except when it starts acting flaky like it had been. I’ve heard some pretty awful things about AT&T, though their 4G works pretty well for me (and serves as a backup when the Comcast connection goes bad). I think I was more irritated by the hard-sell I got from the support person. Sure, he could save me money on a promotional rate if I took both TV and telephone, neither of which I need nor want, but after that, the price goes to almost $200. He tried to tell me I wouldn’t have to use the phone or TV, and I’m thinking, why don’t you just cut the price on my Internet and forget the TV and phone? Arrarrarrarrrarrrr…

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