The Top Five Of 1976

2016 is behind us, so let’s go back forty years and see what the Top Five songs were in 1976, according to Billboard. I would go back fifty, to 1966, but we’ve done enough of that year.

NUMBER 5: “Play That Funky Music,” Wild Cherry Their only Top 40 hit.

NUMBER 4: “December 1963 (Oh What A Night),” The Four Seasons Features Gary Polci on vocals, with Frankie Valli singing backup, whicvh is why it doesn’t have that Four Seasons sound. Great song, though.

NUMBER 3: “Disco Lady,” Johnnie Taylor The biggest hit of Johnnie Taylor’s career was this one, followed by “Who’s Makin’ Love (To Your Old Lady).”

NUMBER 2: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” Elton John and Kiki Dee This song had me asking, “Whatever happened to Kiki Dee?” Wikipedia tells us her last single was in 1993 and that she’s been appearing in musical theater in the West End.

NUMBER 1: “Silly Love Songs,” Wings Many, if not most, of the songs The Beatles played that were composed by Lennon and McCartney featured music by Paul and lyrics by John. When Paul wrote both, the result was nowhere near as satisfying. Still, Paul’s days with Wings were very successful, and this song was one example.

And that’s the Friday Five for January 13, 2017.

Author: John Holton

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28 thoughts on “The Top Five Of 1976”

    1. “You’d think that people would have had enough of Paul McCartney…”

      That’s what we always used to joke when FM radio played that song too many times.


  1. Great list that I can really relate to. My fondest memory of Elton and Kiki Dee and that song was actually in 1985 when Elton for the Live Aid concert and I hadn’t known that she was there and he started and when it was time for her part, she walked forward on the stage and it was priceless.


  2. Uh oh. Getting dangerously close to actual disco, John. The Elton John song and the Paul McCartney song are OK. The others scare me a little, but it’s a nice collection.


    1. There was a lot of disco on the market, but not much of it hit the Pop chart (Billboard had created the Dance chart for that purpose). I kind of like the other three, especially “Disco Lady,” which despite the name was a pretty straight-ahead R&B number. “Play that funky music” is more funny than disco, and though the Four Seasons were doing a lot of disco at the time, “December 1963” doesn’t sound like one of them. I’m just sorry I never got to go to Disco Demolition in ’79 (look that up on YouTube; it was a zoo).


    1. I always preferred Paul’s work before and after Wings. His first album (his “so long, Beatles” album) was excellent and included the original “Maybe I’m Amazed.” I’ve picked up a couple of his post-Wings albums and they’re really good (“Flaming Pie” is particularly good). I think he tried really hard with Wings to be as commercial as possible, and he succeeded, I just never liked the results as much as his other solo stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed the tunes, though… 🙂

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