BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot”

Sine it’s late Monday afternoon here and I didn’t sleep very well last night, I’m going to keep this to the point.

A couple of weeks ago, the prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “eco.” My post was about words that contain, but don’t start with, “eco,” the last one being “zydeco.” Kip commented with this video of Buckwheat Zydeco doing a song called “(Don’t Mess With) My Toot-Toot.”

I looked at YouTube and saw that it was covered a number of times since Sidney Simien, a/k/a Rockin’ Sidney, wrote and recorded it back in 1984. So today, I’ve picked a couple of covers of the song as contestants for this week’s battle.

CONTESTANT #1: Denise LaSalle

CONTESTANT #2: John Fogerty

So, those are the contestants, and you know what to do: listen to both versions of the song (Buckwheat’s is not a contestant), decide which you like better, and vote for it by leaving a comment below. Optionally (but I’m sure most veterans of the BotB do it anyway), tell us what it was about that version you liked so well, or at least in preference to the other. Then, go visit Stephen T. McCarthy’s Battle of the Bands blog, where he has a list in the right-hand column of all the current participants, visit those bloggers, and vote in their battles, presuming they’re holding one today. I’ll tally the votes and announce the winner next Monday, so be sure and vote by then.

The lines are now open. Good luck to Denise and John!


BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Women’s Division Results

Voting was light in my latest Battle of the Bands. Don’t know if that’s becaause of the holiday or because you’re sick of the song. You’ll be happy to know this will be the last time I use it in a battle. Promise.

We had three contestants in this battle, Miss Peggy Lee, Deborah Harry, and Judy Collins. Here are the results.

Judy Collins: 4
Peggy Lee: 1
Deborah Harry: 1

David Webb, my old Ghostletters buddy, got the ball rolling on this one by telling me that Deborah Harry’s was his favorite version of the song, but changed his mind when he heard Judy Blue Eyes’ cover. Anyway, congratulations to Judy and a pat on the back to Miss Peggy and Deborah.

My next Battle will be next Monday, January 15. See you then!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Women’s Division

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m working on my Fire tablet using the WordPress app’s editor, so this post looks a little different from the others. Sorry the colors aren’t here; they aren’t available in this editor, and I can’t find the angle brackets on this keyboard that would allow me to code the HTML…

I had really intended on moving on from this song, but an old Ghostletters buddy (hi, Dave!) mentioned his favorite version of song, and it convinced me to do one more battle with it. This time, we’ll do an all-women’s battle. Listen to these three versions and decide which you like best.

CONTESTANT #1: Miss Peggy Lee

CONTESTANT #2: Judy Collins

CONTESTANT #3: Deborah Harry

So, which do you like the best? Let me know by leaving a comment with your choice and why you liked that one best. Then, please visit Stephen’s BotB blog, where he has a list of all the blogs that might or might not be having a battle today, and vote in those. I’ll announce the winner of today’s battle next Monday, January 8, so get your vote in before then.

The lines are now open. Good luck to Miss Peggy, Judy, and Deborah!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Instrumental Versions Results


My philosophy about these Battles is that I don’t read or respond to your votes until the day I announce the results, so I didn’t check the voting until today. This was a close one…

Duane Eddy: 5
The Ramrods: 7

Congratulations to The Ramrods and a pat on the back to Duane Eddy. The Ramrods must be amazed that they were able to beat their hero.

Next Battle will be on New Year’s Day. See you then!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Instrumental Versions


Welcome to Round 2 of battles featuring the Stan Jones tune “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky: A Cowboy Legend.” In our last battle, we had two vocal performances, Burl Ives and Frank Ifield, and you chose Burl’s version. In this round, we’re featuring instrumental versions, specifically versions featuring guitar work. So let’s get down to it…

CONTESTANT #1: Duane Eddy Duane, perhaps best known for “Rebel Rouser,”, did the song on his 1996 album Ghost Rider. Jim Horn is featured on saxophone.

CONTESTANT #2: The Ramrods The Ramrods were from The Nutmeg State (and appear to have chosen their name from one of Duane Eddy’s hits from 1958). They released this version in late 1960. It climbed to #30 in early 1961 and was a “Pick of the Week” in Cash Box magazine.

You know what to do now: give both versions a spin, decide which one you like better, and tell me which it is and why in the comments below. Then, stop over at Stephen T. McCarthy’s Battle of the Bands and look in the right column, where he has a clickable list of all the other blogs that might be having a Battle of the Bands today, and check them out.

I’ll announce the winner next Friday, December 22 (also known as Christmas Eve Eve Eve), so be sure and get your vote to me by then. The lines are now open. Good luck to Duane Eddy and The Ramrods!