#1LinerWeds From “The Dick Van Dyke Show”

What, and miss the look on your face?

The longest laugh The Dick Van Dyke Show ever received was for this scene, from the first episode of the show’s third season (September 25, 1963). In this show, Rob Petrie (Van Dyke) is telling the story of how he thought he and Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) had come home from the hospital after the birth of their son with the wrong baby. He thought a couple named Peters had gotten their child by mistake, because there had been several times in the hospital where items intended for Mrs. Petrie had gone to Mrs. Peters and vice versa. Finally, Rob calls Mr. Peters and convinces him and his wife to come over so they could straighten things out.

Unfortunately, the clip ends before Rob asks Mr. Peters (played by Greg Morris, who later was in Mission: Impossible and Vega$) “Why didn’t you tell me?” After that, Mr. Peters delivers the line.

The audience laughed so long that most of the laughter had to be edited out of the show.

This clip is from a show called TV’s Unforgettable Moments and features an interview with Carl Reiner, the producer of the show, talking about the scene and initial misgivings about airing it.

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#1LinerWeds from The Comics Curmudgeon

Sorry, comics creators carefully working on the perfect setup-punchline combination: nothing in the funny pages this week will possibly make me laugh more than “That music! Is it ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba?”

I started reading Josh Fruhlinger’s comics blog The Comics Curmudgeon several years ago. He reads the comics every day, especially the legacy strips (Beetle Bailey, Hi and Lois, Mary Worth, Dick Tracy, etc.), finds several strips about which he can make pithy comments, and publishes both the strip and his comments on his blog, where his fans make equally pithy comments. At the end of each week, Josh selects the comments that made him laugh the hardest and makes one of them the Comment of the Week. This remark was prompted by Dick Tracy the other day.

When you go to visit, spend some time there. You’ll either enjoy yourself or be highly offended.

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