I Have My Reservations… #socs

First, an oldie from Paul Revere & The Raiders.

I used to travel a lot, and I would have to call and make all my own reservations. Usually, I’d call a travel agent and have them set everything up, and usually everything was fine. This one week, though, I set up a trip, leaving on Sunday, returning on Friday, with a car and hotel at my destination. It was one of those weeks where I had to go to the office on a Saturday to turn in my paperwork and pick up my tickets to leave Sunday. I didn’t want to spend my afternoon at the office, so I left my paperwork in my manager’s mailbox, grabbed the tickets from my mailbox and tossed them in my briefcase, and left.

The next day, I got to the airport, stand in line for twenty minutes and stand in line for twenty minutes or so. When it’s my turn, I go to the agent and give her the tickets.

She looks at them for a minute and asks, “Where are you going?”

“Minneapolis.” (I’m not sure if that was the destination, but I went there a lot, so let’s go with it.)

“Well, not according to this.” She hands me back my ticket. One look told me I was in trouble. While my travel agent booked my car and hotel in Minneapolis, she got the flight arrangements backward. She had booked the flight on Sunday to leave from Minneapolis to Chicago, and the one on Friday to return to Minneapolis from Chicago.

Fortunately, this was in the freewheeling days before airlines charged to change arrangements. I had to fly out later than I had expected, but at least the tickets I had were for the right itinerary. I asked the agent if they could take the travel agent’s commission. She just laughed. Needless to say, I had words with my travel agent on Monday morning.

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Drawin’ A Blank #socs

Blank is one of those words that can be a noun or adjective. Since I’m supposed to start this entry with a noun, I’ll start with blank, the noun. Because, let’s face it, I’m drawing one with this prompt.

Did you ever play Mad Libs? There are a bunch of books of them. In fact, I see where they’re celebrating their 50th anniversary, and they have a special edition to celebrate the occasion. It’s a great pastime if you’re stuck in the car for an extended period of time and the kids are in the back seat yelling “Are we almost there?”, “I’m bored!”, and my favorite, “I gotta go to the bathroom!” The idea is that you’re given a paragraph with a bunch of blanks in it, and you ask someone for words to fill in the blanks. Then when all the words are filled in, you read the paragraph aloud, and laugh like a loon at how funny the paragraph turns out. Then it’s the other person’s turn and the process repeats itself ad nauseum until you arrive at your destination or a fight breaks out or your mom or dad tells you to find something else to do.

There was a New Wave band from Chicago called Phil ‘n’ The Blanks.

Took a minute there to reply to a comment from someone who remembered a few great clubs in Chicago, and it reminded me of a band I used to go see a lot, The Bob Riedy Chicago Blues Band…

Nothing to do with blank, of course, but that’s par for the course.

Well, I’m drawing a blank again, so I’ll stop here.

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I Don’t Play Favorites #socs

The prompt for this week is “your favourite word,” or as we say in the United States, “your favorite word.”


Seriously, though, Linda wants us to pick our favorite word out of all the words we know for this exercise, and I just can’t do it. I mean, I like certain words better than others, but I’ve never really thought about which is my favorite. After 62 years, you’ve built quite a vocabulary. Mine is probably 10,000 words, and I’m not even trying. Those of you who read more than I do (that would be most of you) probably have an even bigger vocabulary, maybe 20-30,000 words. I mean, how do you pick a favorite? I’m sure that some of you have a favorite word, and if you do, great. Mazel tov! I haven’t chosen one.

I like the way this man picks his favorite words. He breaks them down into “woody” and “tinny” words, with the former preferable to the latter.

Geez, is the rain coming down here…

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Almost Nothing About Grills #socs

I used to cook out a lot on a grill, but I haven’t in some time. I guess we kind of lost interest in it, kind of like we lost interest in the Cuisinart Griddler we were making a lot of meals on. Well, okay, mostly hamburgers. We don’t eat a whole lot of hamburgers anymore. I had one the other day, after my doctor’s appointment. Chili’s has a lunch double burger that’s really good, and I had it with onion rings instead of fries. Less salt that way.

Speaking of my doctor’s appointment, it went really well, I think. I’ve put on a pound since last year at this time, but since two years ago, I’ve lost 20, so I’ll take that. He’d like to see me lose about 2-3 pounds a month this year, but I’m not going to diet, just cut back on how much I’m eating, which really isn’t that much to begin with. It’d be nice to get back to 140 pounds, like I was in college, but that’s a long way off and not worth the effort. Besides, I was underweight back then. They did blood work, and my cholesterol is down about 3 points. Good cholesterol is up a point, bad is down a point, so I think the reduction came in the other kind of cholesterol. Yes, there’s a third kind, at least from what I saw. HDL is the good kind, LDL is the bad, so I guess the third is MDL. Everything else is good, except my potassium, which is kind of borderline, so I’m having Mary give me two potassium tablets instead of one for a while. I guess one of the meds I take for my blood pressure has a tendency to reduce it, so I just need more.

None of which has anything to do with grills, or grilles, or Jason Grilli, for that matter. Guess he retired at the end of last year, after a 15-year career as a journeyman pitcher who, as they say, modeled quite a few uniforms in his time, including a year with the White Sox (2004) and a year and a half with the Braves (2015-16). Seems like a genial kind of guy. Baseball needs more like him, I think.

Memorial Day is Monday, and the Braves are playing a day-night doubleheader against the Mets, while the White Sox play a late afternoon game in Cleveland. Baseball is big on Memorial Day, as well as during the rest of the summer. If you live in the US, have a good Memorial Day on Monday. If not, have a good day Monday.

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Whitman Mayo and “Sanford and Son” #socs

Remember the show Sanford and Son, with Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford and Demond Wilson as his son, Lamont? Lamont had a friend named Rollo, played by Nathaniel Taylor. Fred didn’t like Rollo, and didn’t like his son hanging around with him. One time, when Lamont announced that Rollo was coming over, Fred said, “Why you always hangin’ with Rollo? Yo’ head must be empty, it’s hollow. You two are Rollo and Hollow.”

I guess it’s no longer permitted to say you enjoyed Sanford and Son, which is a shame, because it was hilarious. The occasional cast included LaWanda Page as Aunt Esther, Fred’s Bible-thumping sister-in-law (kind of funny, because Ms. Page was a veteran of the Chitlin Circuit and did a lot of blue material), and Whitman Mayo as Grady, one of Fred’s friends. At one point, Redd Foxx went on strike and Mayo was pressed into service as the lead character in the show. He did so well they spun him off in a show of his own.

Mr. Mayo was quite a man. In his later years, he taught drama at Clark Atlanta University, the largest of the traditionally Black colleges that are based here (Morehouse College, Morris Brown College and Spelman College are the other three), and for a while had a show on Turner South, a station that broadcast a lot of “southern lifestyle” programs. Ironically, he died at Grady Memorial Hospital…

Don’t know how I got off on that subject, but that’s stream of consciousness writing for you…

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National was acquired by Pan Am in 1980, and went down with them in 1991, before I had a chance to fly them.