The Halfway-Thru-October Week That Was

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I think we used Micrin at home a time or two. Kind of like Scope, but the commercials weren’t as much fun.

The Week That Was

Summer’s been hanging on here, but we’ll get some relief this week. I go to the orthopedist on Thursday to see about hyaluronic acid injections. The stuff is supposed to replace the fluid in the knees and provide more of a cushion. I was going to start aquatic therapy, but Mary thought I might want to do this first. So that’s what I’ll do. Here’s the summary from last week.

The theme this week was songs about autumn. I had a little trouble with it, but came up with ten anyway, then received ten suggestions for Friday and several after that was published, which I’ve added to the playlist. Thanks to Mark and Martha for their suggestions.

The featured artist was Nat King Cole. He had a remarkably full career, both in music and in television, and died when he was just 45.

I fell back on one of my favorite quotable writers, H. L. Mencken, for this week’s one-liner. He’s a veritable font of them.


I told another story on myself, this one about the collection of (empty) liquor bottles I amassed in my attempt at turning my bedroom into a swingin’ bachelor pad in the Sixties. Mom put up with it much longer than I thought she would.

The prompt I chose was to “write a post inspired by the word ‘homework’.” I talked about the current trend of not assigning homework to kids, with the hope they’ll spend more time with their families, read a book that’s not required for school, or get to bed early so they can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning. Naturally, there were a lot of strong opinions about it, most of which were that, while necessary, homework shouldn’t be too excessive. I’m inclined to agree, because I know me well enough to know that, when I wasn’t assigned homework, I didn’t do anything.

Our prompt was “well,” so I started a word with it (Wellbutrin) and ended one with it (inkwell, as in “Out Of The Inkwell”), giving me an excuse to show some Max Fleischer cartoons.

As soon as I finish this, I’ll be working on my Battle of the Bands, so look for that later. Tomorrow is a freebie on M4, and since it’s also my parents’ 63rd wedding anniversary, I’ll probably come up with something special. Another artist from the Baby Boom Years on Tuesday, andother one-liner on Wednesday, I’ll have to see the prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and I’ll have to come up with something special for Friday. In short, another typical week here at The Sound of One Hand Typing.

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The Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving Week That Was

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This particular commercial video “reel” (there are about 25 commercials on it) was digitized for the Prelinger Archives by YouTube user A/V Geeks. Thanks to both!

The Week That Was

Yes, we get tropical storms this far north, if what the National Weather Service is calling all this rain we’re getting is correct. Hurricane Nate came onshore in Alabama and started making his way northward. I guess they have more to worry about north of us, but still, it’s rained since I got up and was really pouring here an hour ago. I’ve spent most of the past week in my office, giving my legs a rest and time to heal. You’ll be happy to know I found pool shoes, so I should be able to start physical therapy on my legs soon. How soon, well, we’ll find that out soon.

Here’s the update from this past week

My freebie was devoted to what is referred to as “yacht rock,” which is just “lite rock” listened to by rich Yuppies while they lounge around on their yachts. The term started as a joke, an insult really, that made fun of rich yuppies hanging out on their yachts. Whatever, I like a lot of it.

On Monday, we got the news that Tom Petty had died, and I wrote a tribute to him, then started hearing from people that he was clinging to life, so I added a disclaimer to my obituary. I needn’t have, as it turned out, because he was officially pronounced dead a few hours later. The Friday 5×2 commemorated his music.

Our subject on Tuesday was the oft-maligned Pat Boone, who was quite popular in the Fifties. Second only to Elvis, in fact. I guess I should point out that he made white bucks popular, too.

My one-liner was about foul language, or as I like to call it, “sentence enhancers.”

Sometimes I’m like a dog with a bone, as I returned to the subject of yacht rock and discussed yuppies and my early desire to be a disc jockey, a dream that, like so many other childhood dreams, fell by the wayside, pushed there by reality (my mother’s version of it, anyway).

Mary wanted me to clarify the safe story I told at the beginning: The safe in question was at the office of the German Red Cross, which was on a time lock the woman couldn’t open, but she needed to get into the safe, so she called a safecracker (a “yegg”) to get her in. Rather clever idea, I thought. Besides that story, I told the one about the wall safe in the master bedroom in the apartment where we lived in the early Sixties, and my determination to get into it, which of course I wasn’t able to do. My Uncle Jack asked if I hadn’t told a similar story about finding a lock and wanting to get the combination, and of course, he’s right, I had. Combination locks were never my strong suit.

The theme for tomorrow’s Monday’s Music Moevs Me is “songs about autumn.” I’ll do one of my occasional Wednesday for my Wife stories about another bizarre hobby of mine. Have to pick an artist for Two for Tuesday, dig in to my collection of one-liners for Wednesday, wait for prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and decide on the ten songs I’ll feature on Friday.

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The End-of-the-Baseball Season Week That Was

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I remember the Gemini 4 mission, with BGen. Jim McDivitt and LCol. Ed White, both of the US Air Force, manning another mission to space, White becoming the first man to walk in space. Of interest to Mother Juanita, who was my 3rd grade teacher (we were still in school the day it took off, even though we had started in August, ostensibly so we could be out before June 3) was that McDivitt was a Catholic (he was also from Chicago). Colonel White was one of the three astronauts (the others were Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee) killed in the Apollo 1 disaster, when the rocket that was scheduled to take off later that week caught fire during a prelaunch test with the three of them in it. They died two days after my father died, so it’s burned into my brain. Anyway…

The Week That Was

I’m coming to you from Starbucks, where I’m sitting in my wheelchair because my knees have gotten so bad. Pray that I get into Physical Therapy soon. I think I’d be fine if I didn’t have stairs to cope with. Enough about that. The Braves finish their season today, and it’d be nice if they won (they’ve lost six in a row, including Friday when they had a 5-0 lead and ended up losing 6-5). Enough about that. Here’s the week in review.

The theme was “school,” which we had done last year, so I took that playlist and added a few more songs to it. Ater that, I thought it’d be fun to add everyone else’s playlist to mine, so now the “Back To School” playlist has 52 songs in it, which should keep you busy for a while. Freebie this week, and I’m kicking around a few ideas.

Crooner Eddie Fisher, whose career as a teen idol ended with the advent of rock & roll and with his affair that broke up his marriage with Debbie Reynolds, was the featured artist this Tuesday.

Another funny from Facebook this week. To guote Jimmy Durante, I got a million of ’em!

The prompt I used was “write a post in 14 lines,” which as always I took to mean “sentences.” I rambled all over the place, touching on Roman numerals, vintage TV and my fear of logos (I’m over it now, thanks), and cursive writing.

Survey time! This week’s was from WLS on that day in 1962. The Top Ten on the station was actually the Top Eleven, because The Beach Boys had a double-sided single (“Surfin’ Safari”/”409”) tied for number 5.

Dan Antion filled in for Linda this week, and chose the prompt “do/dew/due.” I only managed to get two of the three words in, omitting “dew” (I started to write about the DEW line and it got too complicated), but as is usually the case these days it was all about my knees. Well, not entirely: I also talked about the number of videos on YouTube dedicated to stuff from TV that isn’t exactly shows. I have at least one person watching them now, which makes me feel good. Most of the comments had to do with pantyhose, which I believe are almost universally despised by women who had to wear them until fashion freed them from it.

I have no surprises planned for this week, but if I planned them, they wouldn’t be surprises, would they?

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The First Week That Was Of Autumn 2017

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Commercials, particularly local commercials like this one, used to be much more creative. Lately I’ve taken to watching old commercials. It’s amazing how relaxing that can be.

The Week That Was

Not an especially good week. I’ve been staying in my office and not going downstairs because my knees are killing me, despite all the NSAIDs, supplements, Biofreeze, ice, and physical torture (I bought a Pure Wave Cordless Massager and have been using it when things really hurt, and it seems to really help). When we do go out, such as last Friday when I spoke with a physical therapist about what I can do to lose weight and exercise my legs to relieve some of the pain and get me ready to get my knees replaced. He suggested aquatic therapy, i.e. working out in a pool, and I was ready to try it until I learned I needed pool shoes, which I’m having trouble finding in my size…

I’m sorry, you didn’t come here to listen to me bitch about my health. Here’s the week in review.

I played your choices for songs about body parts, including a couple of songs about backsides. I just thought of another: ZZ Top’s “Tush.” (I think I had “Legs” in my original body part list.) We get back to something a bit more edifying tomorrow.

Featured artist on Tuesday was Bing Crosby, who was considered a bit old-fashioned in the late Forties, according to my Uncle Jack. Still, he had a great voice and sang a lot of classic songs, including “Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder?”

The success or failure of Wednesday’s one-liner depended on imagining a weather forecast read by László Löwenstein, better known to everyone as the actor Peter Lorre, a/k/a “Europe’s One Man Chamber of Horrors.” The idea is at least entertaining.

I’m pleased that my essay on finding a new route home from the office when I worked in downtown Chicago in the early Eighties worked as well as it did. I got about halfway through writing it and almost abandoned it. I think the renaming of buildings and other institutions struck a chord with everyone.

I started out building a playlist of songs that had “eye” or “eyes” in the title, because Eugenia and I had taklked about doing that, and I realized I already had one that I had built a couple of years ago. So, I combined the two and came up with, as we say in the South, a big ol’ list. I got several suggestions for songs I had missed, and a report of a video that wouldn’t play (BMG strikes again!), so I made some changes and wrote up what they were on Saturday, because I realized that the piece I had written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday actually went out late Friday and I needed a post for Saturday. The whole “post every day” thing makes you do weird things on occasion.


Waylon Jennings defeated The Everly Brothers in Battle “Love Of The Common People.”

I used the prompt of “hot/cold” to ask the question “which is better for arthritis, heat or cold?” The general consensus is cold, but heat might also help in some cases. Thanks for your help! I think it’s just one of those things where you just have to try everything and see what works.

I meet with the periodontist tomorrow, and I’m not sure what he plans for me this time. The last visit to him took all of about twenty seconds. This might take slightly longer. Tomorrow on M4, songs about school, teachers, etc. I already did a short list last year, so I’ve expanded it. I found a whole bunch of funny one-liners on Facebook, so I made image quotes out of them and will start sharing them on Wednesday. I’m waiting on prompts for Thursday and Saturday, we’ll feature another artist from the Baby Boom Years on Tuesday, and I’ll come up with something unique on Friday (if there’s something you’d like to hear, leave me a comment).

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

A Sore And Stiff Week That Was

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The person who put this video together combined multiple commercials, so it’s the same video I’ve been using for a few sessions; I just specify start and end times and they play individually.

The Week That Was

I’m kind of relieved to know that the pain in my knees is arthritis, not that it makes them feel any better. I’ve switched from naproxen to ibuprofen, and the change was a good one, and I have turmeric and cayenne (both good for creaky joints) scheduled to arrive today, and Bio-Freeze (roll-on, gel, and spray) arriving between tomorrow and next Monday. They still hurt, but it’s getting better. We’re starting the paleo diet and I hope to hear about physical therapy tomorrow.

That’s it for the health report. Here’s the summary for the week

Monday was the 11th, and the music was all about that horrible day. I wonder if it’s time to move from “always remember” to “never forget.”

Perry Como was the featured artist as I continue with my series on music that was popular during the “Baby Boom” years. Incidentally, Two for Tuesday is just something I started doing in June 2012 and just continued doing all these years. Feel free to join me or just to enjoy the music. Someone asked earlier, and I thought I’d mention it. And, unless, I’m mistaken, XmasDolly, Linda, and Kat won’t object if you join their festivities (Monday’s Music Moves Me, One-Liner Wednesday, Writer’s Workshop, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday), either. The more, the merrier.

The one-liner was from Twitter and discussed the absurd practice of sending a meteorologist out into horrible weather and risking life and limb to do live reports.

The prompt was “books,” and I managed to veer off in my own direction and wrote about a comic strip instead, to wit Smokey Stover, which ran in the Chicago Tribune from 1935 until cartoonist Bill Holman’s retirement in 1973. I do a lot of veering off in real life, too.

I chose songs with body parts in the title as my theme for the 5×2 (and yes, you can join in on that one, too).


The song for this month’s Battle of the Bands is “Love Of The Common People” by John Hurley, and the competitors are The Everly Brothers and Waylon Jennings. Drop by there, give both a listen, and leave a comment telling me which you like better by Thursday night, and I’ll reveal the winner on Friday.

Linda’s prompt was “vol,” and the word I chose was “revolting,” which was how Chester Riley on The Life of Riley described the situations that developed when he would try to help. My revolting situation was the one that happened when Equifax managed to get hacked and have the “personally identifiable information” (i.e. names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers) of 143 million Americans (and that, I’m sure, is a lowball estimate) stolen from them. There have been multiple class-action suits filed, including here in Georgia, and I linked to the lawsuit document in the comments there. Equifax has a page that purports to inform you if your data may have been taken, but I think it’s probably best to assume that it has been taken and act accordingly.

You all came up with some great suggestions of songs with body prts in the title, so we’ll cover those tomorrow. Other than that, I haven’t decided on what else to feature this week, so you’ll be just as surprised as I will be.

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny pages!