The Stuck-Inside Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Oscar Mayer Weiners.

I believe the voice of the little guy with the deep voice is supplied by Thurl Ravenscroft, who was the original voice of Tony the Tiger, spokesmascot for Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes.

The Week That Was

A pretty good week until Friday, when we got close to six inches of snow. I think it was more, actually, but let’s go with six. It’s well above freezing now (38° F or 3° C) and it’s starting to melt, everywhere except our front porch and stairs, which are in the shade. Mary’s doing what she can to get the snow off of them, and I hope that will mean that they’ll be dry enough by Tuesday when I have my next therapy session.

I mentioned yesterday that I have a new phone, an iPhone 8. So far, I like it, except for half the time when the App Store tells me that PayPal needs to verify my device and to wait for a text message that never comes. Looks like I’ll have to call them and raise a fuss. But not today. I’m in too good of a mood.

Sorry this is coming to you late. I have this new game on my Fire that’s really involved and I get lost playing it. Here’s the sumary from last week.

The Christmas music extravaganza has begun, and Monday’s post was of novelty songs. I told someone that one of my favorite genres of music is “Christmas Novelty Songs.”

Sammy Kaye, as in “Swing and Sway With Sammy Kaye,” was the featured artist. Brother Kip gave me grief about that on Facebook, mostly because Sammy rose to fame in the 1930’s, but he was still quite popular in the 1946-1964 time period, so I went with him. Maybe I’ll do Lawrence Welk this week…

I posted something I got off of Facebook a while back that reminded me of things I see here in North Georgia pretty frequently.

I went stream of consciousness with the prompt of “fancy,” and if you haven’t seen it, the post includes Lucille Ball, Bobbie Gentry, and a fluffy white cat eating out of a crystal compote (that’s what I think it’s called, anyway).


Burl Ives was the winner in my latest Battle of the Bands. Friday’s battle will pit two instrumental versions of “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky” against each other, so be sure and join us for that.

I continued my series of One-Hit Wonders of the Seventies with songs from 1975. This Friday, 1976.

The prompt was “-liqu-,” which gave me a chance to write about the Baseball Reliquary and all of the water that had turned into snow on Friday and Friday night. Uncle Jack noted that one of the honored ballplayers in the Reliquary was Moe Berg, who Casey Stengel (of all people) called “the strangest man to ever play baseball.” Many books have been written about him, one of which was The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg.

More of the same, unless something happens. I’ve given some hints above.

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The First Week That Was Of Advent 2017

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Austex Beef Stew. Keep your men going strong!

A commercial obviously from the 1950’s for a local brand of beef stew. Wonder if it’s still around?

The Week That Was

Getting a late start on this today. Got a bunch of text messages this morning that indicated someone was using a credit card fraudulently and had to talk to the bank about that (they catch things quickly), then I got busy working a new puzzle on my Kindle called “The Numbers Game – Numberama” that, according to the rules, takes a very long time to complete. So far it’s taken about ten hours, and I’m nowhere near done, but I am learning a lot about the game, so maybe things will move more quickly now. Then again, maybe not… Anyway, here’s this week’s summary.

I continued my study of one-hit wonders on Monday and Friday, with 1973 on Monday and 1974 on Friday. I’ll continue the series this Friday, as M4 begins its Christmas music extravaganza tomorrow. Not sure what I’ll start with, but expect to hear a lot of the same things from the last couple of years. Maybe some new stuff, too, you never know.

The featured artist this week was Guy Mitchell, leading many of you to ask “who the H-E-double hockey sticks is that?” He was pretty popular in the Fifties, that’s all I can tell you.

Wednesday’s one-liner was a quote from the late “Barnum Bill” Veeck, two-time owner of the White Sox who had a feud with Walter O’Malley, who owned the LA Dodgers for many years.

The prompt was “seven things that give [me] comfort,” so I gave my list and asked what yours were, and I got some wonderful responses. Thanks to everyone who responded; I haven’t been able to reply to your comments, but I will, hopefully soon.


You have until late Thursday night to vote in the latest Battle of the Bands, “Battle ‘(Ghost) Riders In The Sky’: Burl Ives vs. Frank Ifield.” This is the first of several battles using this song. You have been warned.

All this exercising I’ve been doing lately as part of my aquatic therapy has been great, but the downside is that I hurt everywhere, most notably my gluteus maximus. I wrote all about it in my Saturday post, because Linda gave us the prompt “cramp.”

As mentioned previously, tomorrow is the start of the M4 Christmas Extravaganza. We’ll have another artist from The Baby Boom years on Tuesday, I’ll announce the winner of the first of several Battles of the Bands to feature the song “Ghost Riders In The Sky” on Friday, we’ll choose a few one-hit wonders from 1975 on Friday, I’m searching for a pithy one-liner for Wednesday and awaiting prompts from Kat and Linda with bated breath. In other words, pretty much the same stuff, unless I get creative.

Thanks to Dan, JoAnna, Janet, Kip, Angie, Eugenia, Arlee, Lauralynn, Mary B, Stephen, Uncle Jack Connelly, 15andMeowing, Mark, Joey, Linda, Cathy, Martha, Alana, XmasDolly, Mike, Kim, J-Dub, and everyone who stopped by and left a “like.”

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The Christ The King Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sposored by Andersen Split Pea soup. They add an extra ingredient to their soups: time.

Never heard of Andersen soups. Must have been a regional brand, but where, I’m not sure.

The Week That Was

Do any of you other WordPress users get spam comments from a lady named “Anita Galapagos,” wanting you to visit her plugin page? Just curious. And if Anita is reading this, I ain’t interested, babe. Don’t waste your time. Anyone pushing that hard to sell their WordPress plugins probably loaded it with malware. Anyway, here’s the week in review.

We did the annual Thanksgiving “songs of gratitude” thing this past week. You know, there aren’t that many songs on the subject of gratitude, so I had a lot of the songs everyone else had. Janie suggested Alanis Morrisette’s “Thank U,” and I came up with “Danke Schön,” so I’ll add those two to the playlist. Tomorrow is the last “freebie” of the year, since we’ll be spending the year doing Christmas songs. I’ll probably be combing through previous Christmas posts to see what I can come up with. If you have any faves, feel free to suggest them.

Vaughan Monroe and His Orchestra were this week’s featured artists. Vaughan had a tremendous voice that both Uncle Jack and I say is reminiscent of my Dad’s.

Speaking of Uncle Jack, he suggested this week’s one-liner, from the classic Thanksgiving episode of WKRP In Cincinnati. I included video of the scene in the post, so if you need a laugh, go have a look. That’s one of those shows that probably wouldn’t be made today, because it was funny.

I reviewed Janet Evanovich’s Hardcore Twenty-Four this past Saturday. In terms of stars, I give it three out of five.

Continuing with my “one-hit wonders” theme, I covered the ones from 1972 last Friday. We’ll do ’73 tomorrow and ’74 on Friday. Next to the survey posts, the one-hit wonder posts are becoming my favorite.

Linda’s prompt was “ink,” making me think of Jimmy Durante and his song “Inka Dinka Doo.” Any excuse to listen to Durante.

As I mentioned, I’ll be doing one-hit wonders for M4 and The Friday 5×2 this week. We’ll cover another popular artist from the Baby Boom Years on Tuesday, do another one-liner on Wednesday, and base Thursday’s and Saturday’s on prompts from Kat and Linda, respectively. Look for a Battle of the Bands on Thursday, too.

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The Pre-Thanksgiving Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Kroger fresh eggs. Who but Kroger sells eggs cackling fresh?

When I was but a wee lad living in Indianapolis, there was a Kroger at the end of our block. Kroger never made it big in Chicago (I think there was one on Fullerton right by the “L”), so I didn’t see many of them until moving south.

The Week That Was

It’s been a pretty good week, although my therapy has left me with a big cramp in my backside. On the upside, I now know what a “pain in the ass” feels like. Mary went out and did our shopping for Thanksgiving: ribs, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, apples (sliced, cooked, and in a tray, ready for the microwave), and a Dutch apple pie. We’re not what you’d call “traditional” around here. Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

Monday’s theme was “one-hit wonders from your high school days.” I looked at the list and saw a lot of songs I liked, so I just did songs from 1970. On Friday, I moved on with songs from 1971. I’ll probably be doing one-hit wonders on Fridays through the end of the year, as well as on the last freebie days of the year, so I should finish off the Seventies by the end of the year. Note that Cathy Kennedy has been doing the #1’s, so I’ll be looking at the rest of them.

I featured the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, on Two for Tuesday, and did a quote from him on One-Liner Wednesday. I love weeks that fall into place like this one.

I chose a prompt that had me base my post on the word “monster.” Rather than writing about Godzilla or Frankenstein’s monster, I wrote about my frustration with searching for jobs on and the other Internet boards, and how the only people who seemed interested in me were people who wanted me to sell insurance. No doubt there are scads of people who have found a job through them, and companies that have found employees through them, but I wasn’t one of them. Really, the best way to find a job is to network and get to know people at different companies who hear about opportunities that you would be interested in. It really is who you know, as well as what you know.

Saturday’s prompt, “psst! or some other attention-getting word,” infected me with an earworm and I couldn’t get the jingle (from almost 50 years ago) for Psssssst! dry shampoo out of my head. I talked about how hard it is at times to get telemarketers to shut up long enough to tell them I’m not interested, and my rule of thumb: if I don’t know the number, I don’t answer. I also mentioned that I have a person who likes to order pizzas on my behalf (without my knowledge or consent) and signs me up for auto insurance quotes (again, without my knowledge or consent). I was moderator of a listserv for a number of years, and the person doing it is an individual who I almost banished for breaking all the rules, who took exception to my banishing them for repeated infractions. I am no longer the listowner and the list no longer exists, but it means nothing to them. It would be relatively easy to trace IP addresses to their point of origin and find said individual, but the companies involved would have to be willing to do it, and they don’t seem to be, so I simply send the pizzas back and ignore the calls from insurance agents.


You still have a couple of days, if you haven’t already and have a mind to, to vote in my latest Battle, “Battle ‘Stormy’: Bobbie Gentry vs. The Supremes.” I plan to post the results on Wednesday, so be sure and vote before then.

Tomorow on M4 will feature songs about thankfulness. I have a special One-Liner for Wednesday that Uncle Jack suggested a couple of weeks ago. Friday, I’ll feature one-hit wonders from 1972. I have to wait for the prompts for Thursday and Saturday. And, who knows what else, if anything, so stay tuned…

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A Mid-November Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by County Fair hot dog and hamburger rolls. You’ll love ’em!

Those hot dogs and hamburgers look pretty good to me! That’s the end of that commercial “reel,” and thanks to the A/V Geeks for posting them and to the Prelinger Archives for collecting them.

The Week That Was

Cold and dreary here, to match my mood: We lost another cat last night. Max, one of our youngest and more robust cats, suddenly took ill this week and died last night. I’m a little bummed about that.

Max as a kitten.

On the upside, I got my Christmas present…

The C. Crane Skywave SSB radio. It gets AM, FM, weather, aviation and shortwave, and can handle SSB broadcasts.

I got into shortwave radio listening about 25 years ago, and haven’t done any in about 20. Haven’t had much time to listen yet.

Anyway, here’s the week in review.

I did the ten #1 songs from each year in the 1980’s. Many of you like the music of the Eighties, so a lot of you liked it. This week, we’re doing “One-Hit Wonders From Your High School Years.” You’ll see my take on it tomorrow.

The featured artist this past week was Frankie Laine, who might be best known for his singing the theme from the early 1960’s Wetern “Rawhide” and the theme from the movie Blazing Saddles.


The one-liner was a quote from Roger Hodgson, keyboardist, vocalist, and primary songwriter for the British progressive rock band Supertramp, about his song “Take The Long Way Home,” a video of which I put into last week’s Week That Was post.

I wrote about my disorganized system of organization and a couple of times I got in trouble for it, and how my life is a lot more organized now that I have and use Evernote.

TV themes were this week’s theme, something I haven’t done much of in recent days. I ran across so many good playlists on YouTube of TV themes that I might not have to do any more.

I wrote about the aches and pains that I’ve been experiencing in my arms since I started aquatic therapy, but in all it’s going quite well. Thanks to the many of you who lent some encouragement. I’m climbing stairs much better than I had been, one of my key objectives.

I think I caused a little confusion last week when I used the expression “in the can.” It’s an expression from the early days of filmmaking that they used when a movie was completed, “the can” being the film cans they used when transporting and storing the movie. Sorry for any confusion.

With that in mind, tomorrow’s post is in the can, and by the time this writing session is over so will several other posts for this week. I’m not planning any major departure from the usual routine, but you never know what I’ll do.

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