A Rainy Week That Was In Georgia

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We’re at Starbucks right now, and the rain is pouring down. See?

The Week That Was

I’m glad it’s raining. It’s been very hot and humid here, and we’re trying to hold off on using the air conditioning. So, here’s the week in review.


My latest battle was which theme song for The Avengers you preferred, the original by Johnny Dankworth or the newer theme written by Laurie Johnson. Johnson’s, which was the theme most of us were familiar with, was the clear winner by a 3-to-1 margin.

I discovered my new front porch and stairs are becoming a nest for carpenter bees, and played five songs about bees. Thanks to all who made suggestions on how to get rid of the bees, by the way; we’re trying everything possible.

Gladys Knight & The Pips were the featured artist this week. Everyone seems to like them, or at least not dislike them. I can’t promise the same for other acts I’ll be featuring. Which ones they are, I have no idea.


One of Kristen Lamb’s posts provided this week’s one-liner. It’s a good post, and I encourage everyone who’s a blogger, especially if blogging is something you do to promote your work, to go read it.

The prompt asked what I would choose as my new career. I always wanted to be a musician full-time, which I realize isn’t all that practical, but then, that’s no reason to consider it. I think I gave up on it too soon, to be honest.

I created a playlist with the fourteen “lady” songs you suggested, and after that I added several more to the list, because I received another suggestion and thought of a couple more. Go have a listen.


The prompt yesterday was “spell,” and after expressing my contempt for spell checkers, I was on a roll and included “digital assistants” like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, as well as software added to computers that you don’t want and can’t uninstall. As Uncle Jack pointed out, I was in a mood.


This week’s letters were N through S.

  • Monday’s topic was Necco wafers, a candy that’s been around since the Civil War (or, if you prefer, the War of Yankee Aggression). Evidently wintergreen Life Savers (called Wint-O-Green in Life Saver parlance) will also spark when you break them in a dark closet. No idea why wintergreen wants to set fire to the house.

  • Tuesday I used a Venn diagram to discuss overlapping. Apparently it brought back bad memories for some of you. It’s interesting that Venn was a philosopher, not a mathematician, and used his eponymous drawings as a graphic representation for logic problems. I had trouble with them at first, mostly because Sister Antagonista demanded that the circles be perfect.

  • Wednesday we discussed the milk additive PDQ, made by the people who brought us Ovaltine. PDQ sponsored a game show back in the Sixties that went by the same name. There’s a video of the pilot episode in the post, if you’d like to see it.

  • We discussed the British names for musical notes on Thursday. I was introduced to them by Logan’s Tutor, the book I used to learn to play the bagpipes. A quaver is better known as an eighth note, a semiquaver is a sixteenth note, a demisemiquaver is a thirty-second note, and after that we’re talking about notes only Liberace could play.

  • Friday’s word was “rumpus,” which reminded me of Maurice Sendak’s award-winning children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. That beloved classic was written in 1963, when I was seven. Does that make me a beloved classic, too? Don’t answer that.

  • Yesterday’s A to Z entry was a stream-of-consciousness effort based on the word statement, which has many meanings. A very useful word!

Thanks to the calendar, we’ll be doing entries for the last seven letters of the alphabet, T through Z (whether you call it “zee” or “zed”). I chose the theme for tomorrow’s M4, which is songs about traveling. We’ll have another act from the Top Ten lists from when I was in high school, another one-liner, and all the other regular features.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Have a good week!

The Easter Sunday 2017 Week That Was

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Happy Easter from all of us here at The Sound of One Hand Typing, and Happy Passover to my Jewish friends!

The Week That Was

Hope the weather is good where you are. It’s sunny and warm here, before the bad weather sets in tomorrow. Glad I got a new weather radio. Here’s what went on here last week, in case you missed it. Click the badges to bring up the articles.

The theme this past week was Grammy winners from the year I turned 18. Since I hadn’t quite turned 18 when the Grammys were presented in 1974, and because the 1974 Grammy Awards were given to the winners from 1973, I played three songs from both 1974 and 1975. As many of you commented, it wasn’t exactly a watershed time for music.

Two for Tuesday remembered the late Billy Preston with two of his four hits from the early Seventies that reached the Top Ten, and a video of him when he was eleven, playing and singing with Nat King Cole.


I spent most of the day on Wednesday reading and commenting on blogs, so it was almost 10 PM when I shared my one-liner. Since we were getting ready to watch The A-Team, I shared Hannibal Smith’s catchphrase. I did that entry using the WordPress app on my Kindle Fire, so it was a bit plainer than most of them are, because it’s a little more complicated working with a touch screen, especially when trying to cut-and-paste. I decided to turn Markdown support back on as a result, because it’s a lot less complicated when all you have to do is type. I will probably do a short tutorial on Markdown at some point. Sadly, Markdown isn’t supported on Blogger.

I shared my five favorite apps, which have nothing to do with taking pictures or playing games. Yeah, I’m boring, but I had already talked about Two Dots in an earlier Writer’s Workshop entry. I hope some of you got some ideas on how to make your life easier.

Resisting the temptation to feature songs with “good” in the title, I featured songs with “lady” in the title, because it was “L” day of the A to Z Challenge. You came up with a bunch more songs, which I’ll build into a playlist and share this coming Friday.


The prompt was “moo,” and while I started out talking about drink mixes, somehow I ended up talking about breakfast cereals, because, after all, it was Stream of Consciousness Saturday.


I’ll announce the winner of this week’s Battle of the Bands this coming Saturday. The contestants are two different themes from the British spy-fi TV series The Avengers, one by Johnny Dankworth, the other by Laurie Johnson. Give ’em both a listen and vote for your fave.


Oh yeah, and I am participating in this month’s A to Z Challenge. This week was H through M.

  • Monday: The Aloha State, Hawai’i
  • Tuesday: Fun with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, specifically judgmental introverts.
  • Wednesday: One of Richard Crenna’s better characters, William Bayer’s NYPD detective Frank Janek.
  • Thursday: The beautiful and talented Miss Diana Krall.
  • Friday: Number 3 on the Periodic Table of Elements, lithium.
  • Saturday: The late, great drummer for The Who, Keith Moon.

Topics for the A to Z Challenge include a popular candy, Venn diagrams, a game show named after its sponsor, reading music English-style, a popular children’s book, and invoices. Plus, freebie day on M4, another popular act from the early Seventies, a one-liner, your “lady” songs, and whatever Mama Kat and Linda come up with as prompts for Thursday and Saturday.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Be seeing you!

The Week That Was, B-G Edition

The Week That Was is brought to you by McDonalds.

McDonald’s has sarted with “breakfast all day,” but every retaurant you go to has a different menu, and not all of them have Egg McMuffins, and yes, it’s a lot more pricey than it was in 1984.

Busy week this past week, so let’s get started with this week’s summary…

The Week That Was

First, the results of last week’s Battle of the Bands, which pitted Peter Gabriel against Phil Collins in a battle between Genesis lead singers.


Peter Gabriel: 7
Phil Collins: 6

This was a close one. Congratulations to both singers on a well-fought battle. Next BotB will be this Saturday, April 15.

This was a freebie week, which was a good thing, because I was beat. I counted down the top five from WLS on April 3, 1982.

Much to Dan’s chagrin, the featured act from my high school days was Bread. Hey, we have to get through the lousy acts, too, and they were popular back in the day. They could actually rock pretty hard, but their harder-rocking stuff was never released as singles. Go figure.


Now that MeTV is off the air in Atlanta, we’ve been watching reruns of Frasier on Cozi TV, a more than adequate replacement. The one-liner was from an episode where Frasier challenges everyone to do something different on Leap Year Day, and hilarity ensued.

The prompt was “something you forgot to do yesterday,” and in my case it was “write.”

I followed up on my March 24 post, which was to name songs with a day of the week in the title. You came up with eight more, and then a couple of people came up with the song “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down,” though Calen said Johnny Cash did it and Gail said Kris Kristofferson did it. We’ll probably use that as the basis for a Battle of the Bands in the near future (I have something planned for Saturday’s battle). Thank you, Calen and Gail.


The prompt was “give/given/giving,” and I thought of songs that had “gimme” (i.e. “give me”) in the title. There are quite a few, as it turns out, even if you don’t count the rap and hip-hop songs that have it in the title, which I didn’t.


And let’s not forget the entries from the A to Z Challenge for this week.

  • Monday’s post was about voice acting superstar Mel Blanc.
  • Tuesday I discussed the original Emergency Broadcast System, CONELRAD.
  • Realizing that Tuesday’s entry was a bit of a deep dive, “deep dive” was the subject of Wednesday’s post.
  • I diplayed my relatively weak knowledge about elves, or should I say elfs, in Thursday’s post.
  • I talked about the Highland fling, a dance I saw frequently at Highland festivals in my piping days, on Friday.
  • Yesterday, I talked about Grolsch, a so-so beer in a cool bottle.

The A to Z Challenge continues with entries on the letters K through M, we’ll have another Battle of the Bands on Saturday, and all the regular features will continue, because I’m a masochist. I hope to get to many more of you this week as well.

And that’s it for thi edition of The Week That Was. Please join me again next week for more music and other stuff!

The First Week of The A to Z Challenge Week That Was

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Mmmmm… pie…

The Week That Was

I was exhausted by the time I went to bed last night. I’m doing my best to get to as many blogs as I can for the A to Z Challenge, and I think I need to come up with a strategy to get everything done. I have the first three weeks’ worth of Challenge posts done and know where I’m going with the last few, so now it’s just an issue of time management.

By the way, if you’re having trouble commenting on the official A to Z Challenge blog, I set up a simulcast blog on WordPress. Regardless of whether you use WordPress or Blogger, feel free to leave your daily link on it.

On to this week’s summary, which gets shorter each week…

The theme of this week’s M4 was “music from sci-fi movies and TV shows.” Feeling aggravated that MeTV has been pulled off the air in Atlanta (I can still get it on cable or satellite, but I’m through paying for them), I chose the themes from the Irwin Allen TV shows from the Sixties, and threw in a couple of movie themes from his disaster films from the Seventies.

Stevie Wonder was the featured artist this past week on Two for Tuesday. He put out a fantastic amount of music in the early Seventies as he went from being a child star to an adult performer and composer.


This week’s one-liner was the apology MeTV posted to their website for going off the air in Atlanta. I’m over them, actually: we discovered Cozi TV, and are refamiliarizing ourselves with Frasier and The A-Team, and watching Miami Vice for the first time. No idea why we didn’t watch it the first time. They show Columbo on both Saturday and Sunday nights, and the Sunday showing ends soon enough that we can go back to watching the ancient episodes of The Avengers they show on WATC TOO. I’m a happy camper.

This week’s prompt from Mama Kat was to share a recent photo from my Instagram account. I don’t do a lot of photography, but I usually post the rewards I get from completing challenges and expeditions on Two Dots, so I shared one of those. It’s a great game, if you’ve never tried it.

I’m trying to get to all your choices from the last couple of weeks, and this week did your choices for songs with “man” in the title. Naturally, I got a whole bunch more, so I’ll be doing another Friday Five with those in a couple of weeks. You guys are good at this.


I didn’t have a whole lot of time to write, as I mentioned earlier, which became the subject of my very short SoCS entry. I didn’t get around to posting my Battle of the Bands yesterday, but it’s out there now, a battle between the two lead singers of Genesis. I’ll announce the winner next Sunday.


The A to Z Challenge started yesterday, and thanks to everyone who came by and commented on my first entry. I’ll get around to answering your comments and visiting your blogs as I get the time between everything else I’m doing.

This week in A to Z we cover the letters B through G, and I’ll have all my regular features as well. I’ll probably pin a post at the top of my blog that has links to all my A to Z posts.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the online funny papers!

The Laetare Sunday Week That Was

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A fine depiction of Southerners, as always.

The Week That Was

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday, both on the blog and on Facebook. I’m hardly ever on Facebook anymore, though I’ll probably be there more starting this coming Saturday, with the start of the A to Z Challenge…

And, speak of the devil and he shows up… Monday was the Great Theme Reveal for the A to Z Challenge. My theme, as I mentioned, is simple: Choose a word (or name or phrase or abbreviation) that starts with the letter of the day and ends with the next letter. I’m clarifying because a lot of folks think I’m restricting myself to just words. Many of the daily subjects are names of people, and I used acronyms or common abbreviations in several situations. They still start with the letter of the day and end with the next letter, except Z, where I wrap around and go back to A.

If you’re having trouble coping with the idea of doing the Challenge without the Linky, worried you won’t find bloggers to visit this April, Arlee Bird wrote an excellent article for the Challenge blog on how to find people to follow. He offers several different methods for finding blogs, including the easiest one: visit the blogs of people who visit you. I’ve built a group in Feedly specifically for the people who visited me (that I’m not already following), as well as for the people who visited them. And so on, and so on…. So far I have about forty blogs in it. I’ll be busy this April…

This week was a freebie, and I used it to salute the music of Chuck Berry, who died last week at the age of 90. I started with a song I knew that you don’t hear much and let YouTube suggest the other four. There were one or two songs I had never heard in that list. He created a lot of music in his career.

The Stylistics were this week’s featured artist. They had five hits in the Top Ten on the Pop charts and twelve on the R&B charts in the early Seventies.


The Battle of the Bands was no contest: Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band shut out Caterina Valente in Battle “Air Mail Special.” And yes, there will be a Battle of the Bands this Saturday, despite it being the start of the A to Z Challenge.


I created an image quote for one of the words in the A to Z Challenge, and liked the quote (from Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are) so much I used it for my one-liner this week. Nice to see so many people remember that book.

Kat’s prompt was “write a post inspired by the word challenge.” So, guess what I wrote about?

My brother Pat suggested I do a Friday Five on songs that use a day of the week in the title. I came up with fifteen, and you’re coming up with more. I’ll feature them this Friday. I’ll feature your “man” songs (from last week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday) at a later date, maybe next Friday.


Linda’s prompt was “march,” and since yesterday was my birthday, which is in March, I went flying off in all different directions, telling a Hal Roach joke, explaining the Feast of the Annunciation and Laetare Sunday, and talking a little about the actor Mark Holton, who’s no relation but looks like he could be.

Tomorrow, I’m featuring TV themes, these from Sci-Fi TV shows. I found a list of sci-fi shows, and I’ll be working from that list, even though I don’t consider some of them sci-fi shows. We’ll have another band from the Seventies on Tuesday, another one-liner, a post based on Kat’s and Linda’s prompts on Thursday and Saturday, your day-of-the-week songs, and we all know what begins this Saturday…

That’s all we have time for this week. See you this coming week!