Writer’s Workshop: Look What I Found On “Found”

“Found” is one of those words in the English language that has a bunch of meanings that have nothing to do with each other. Of course, it’s the past tense of “find,” as in “I found a $20 bill!” I can also say “That $20 is found money.” In this case, “found” is a gerundive, or verbal adjective.

“Found” can also mean “establish.” You usually see this in its past tense, as in “The United States was founded on July 4, 1776.” The people who did this are generally called the Founding Fathers, or in today’s more gender-neutral world simply the Founders. Gary Sinise established the Gary Sinise Foundation, which assists returning service members return to civilian life, especially if they were disabled in mind, body or spirit by their service. Gary also founded The Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago along with Jeff Perry and Terry Kinney. A lot of great names came through Steppenwolf, including Laurie Metcalf (from Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory, who was married to Jeff Perry at the time; their daughter Zoe plays Sheldon’s mother on Young Sheldon), John Malkovich (who’s been in a number of movies, including 1999’s Being John Malkovich), and the recently-deceased John Mahoney (who played Martin on Frasier and was in 1996’s Primal Fear with Richard Gere).

As a side note: anyone who’s familiar with The Big Bang Theory knows that Laurie Metcalf has a recurring role as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother. When we saw the first episode of Young Sheldon, we were amazed that Zoe Perry did such a convincing job as a younger Mary Cooper. I mean, she looked and sounded so much like her. We had no idea they were mother and daughter until we looked it up.

I thought those were the only two meanings for the word, then I realized there’s a third: melting metal and pouring it into a mold. As you might have guessed, that’s what they do in a foundry.

So, I found several different meanings for the word found. Can you think of any others?


Writer’s Workshop: Eight Accomplishments This Week

So, you wanna know what I’ve been up to this week?

  1. I did our state and local taxes. I used the H&R Block tax software, as I have for the last several years. No refund, but I don’t have to pay anything, either.
  2. I went to the periodontist yesterday. The implant that they put in after they pulled my tooth last summer has sufficiently set in there that he can remove the “healing cap” that he placed on the implant and replace it with a cap that will hold my new false tooth. I haven’t missed having a tooth there, and frankly I’d just as soon leave it empty. Dealing with my regular dentist has been a comedy of errors, with the dentist who has been working on this project having left to go into private practice, and I have my doubts about the new dentist (who looks like he just got out of dental school) being able to continue what she had been doing.
  3. I got my new state ID today. I haven’t driven since my stroke, and it seemed kind of pointless to renew my driver’s license, so I surrendered that and have a temporary ID, with the new ID arriving some time in the next two weeks.
  4. I’ve written about half the entries for this year’s A to Z Challenge. I’m in excellent position to have all of them finished well in advance of April 1, when the Challenge begins. It’s the highlight of my blogging year.
  5. I created a new email account for the Challenge, because no one can remember the password from last year. The new one is atozteam2018@gmail.com, in case you were wondering.
  6. I had my teeth cleaned. Not a huge thing, but it’s something.
  7. I finished the Two Dots weekly Treasure Hunt in about two hours. Every Thursday, they come out with a seven-level challenge that earns you a badge, like this one that I won last week. Notice that I was the 4,541st person to complete the treasure hunt worldwide. To be honest, I’m starting to get bored with Two Dots, mostly because they can’t come up with new levels in the regular game fast enough to keep up with me.
  8. And I kept my streak of consecutive days of blogging intact. That’s 1,347 days straight. I haven’t figured out what the average number of words per day is, but if today is a typical one, it would average about 400 words a day, so I’ve written over half a million words over that period.

Not bad, huh?

Writer’s Workshop: Friendly Bob

Back in the Sixties, one of the sponsors of White Sox games on the radio was General Finance, and listeners were urged to call “Friendly Bob Adams at Andover 3-2020.” Of course, when you called the number you would reach someone who would tell you that Bob wasn’t in the office, but maybe they could help you. The fact was, “Friendly Bob Adams” didn’t exist. He was a fictitious character that existed solely for the purpose of getting people to call. Their trademark was the outline of a man’s head with a big smile and a telephone receiver pressed up to his ear. One of my aunts worked for General Finance and had a Zippo lighter with “Friendly Bob’s” picture on it.

Back in the day, companies would do that, give you a name to call. The company I worked for for years had one such person whose name was Robert Carpenter. His name was in all the ads for our software. The switchboard operators in Atlanta knew, when a call came in for him, to transfer it to “Robert’s” administrative person. She would tell them that Robert wasn’t in, but he’d be sure to have someone call back. She’d then call whatever region the caller was from and tell the regional sales manager, who would then assign a salesperson to call the prospect back.

Robert also worked in the regional offices in Accounts Receivable. If a client was behind in paying their bill, they’d get a nastygram in the mail from Robert telling them to pay up or to call him. The same charade would happen there: when the client called asking for Robert, they’d be passed on to the AR person who would then deal with them. We had a very nice woman at our office who did this. She told the story once about the client who kept telling her he had already spoken to Robert about it. I realize it’s kind of sexist to say this, but it’s true: if they had gotten a letter from our AR person, they might not even call, but Robert Carpenter? That name meant business.

I think they should have given the AR Robert a different name, like Vito Matesi. The name makes it sound like you’ll get your thumbs broken if you don’t pay up. Not very friendly, but effective.

Writer’s Workshop: Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

Here are five things (well four things and one event) I’m loving of late

Mary’s Kitchen Appliances This past summer, we bought a couple of new appliances for the kitchen that have made life easier for her. First was an 8-Quart Instant Pot that she uses to make soup and chili and just about anything else in (I think it does great at cooking hot dogs), then a Breville Smart Oven Air that’s a convection oven, toaster, air fryer, broiler and so much more. These have expanded our culinary options and made life much easier for her, and thus for me. We rarely use the stove anymore.

Baseball Is Back! Full squad workouts have started in Florida and Arizona, and preseason games start next week. The season is a little over a month away, and while my favorite teams (the White Sox and the Braves) aren’t expected to do much this season, hope always springs eternal, especially during Spring Training. I once again have MLB Gameday Audio, which gives me the radio feed for all 2,430 regular-season games, plus all the pre- and post-season games. And I’ve just discovered an app that allows me to watch MLB Network free.

My Phone I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 8 with 64GB of memory from an iPhone 4 with 8GB of memory, and the difference is like night and day. It’s faster, for one thing. For another, there’s lots more capacity. I can actually do things on it. Plus, it has Touch ID, which is good because I’m not always having to flip over to LastPass, sign on to that, find the password for the site, copy it to the clipboard, flip back to the application, and paste the password in. I wish LastPass was a little better integrated into iOS applications, but we can’t have everything, I guess.

Musical Options I realized today that, between Spotify and Amazon Prime Music, I can hear just about anything I want to hear. Add in iHeart, TuneIn, and Simple Radio, and I can listen to radio stations around the world. Why would I want to hear a radio station from the Republic of Khakassia, you ask? Why not? It might not be a big deal to you, but fifty years ago, you needed all kinds of specialized equipment to be able to listen to radio stations from the other side of the world. Now you just need an Internet connection and a browser. (And, if that ain’t enough, I can also watch TV from those places via the Internet.)

This Story I saw this last night, and laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. Some very strong language, which I swear made it that much funnier. And the comments were priceless. I hope you have no trouble seeing it.

What are your five recent favorite things?

Writer’s Workshop: Still More YouTube Channels

I always like when this prompt comes up, because invariably I’ve found more channels to hype. This time Kat wants six. Here they are.


Yet another nostalgia channel, the difference being he actually takes the time to tell you how old he was at the times he’s remembering. He’s another big old TV commercials guy, such as his most recent post, “Stores No More: Commercials for Circuit City, Blockbuster, Record Bar, Montgomery Ward, etc.”


I do a lot of music here at The Sound of One Hand Typing, much of it from before the current era, and MusicProf78 is my source for a lot of the music I feature here. He has recordings going back as far as the 1930’s, and I’ll bet even further back than that, from practically any genre of popular music. Here’s Faron Young with “Hello Walls,” from 1961.


MicroJow collects commercial breaks and sign-ons and sign-offs from 1980’s and earlier television. Here’s a good one, from KABC-TV in Los Angeles, “KABC-TV Channel 7 Los Angeles CA/The Saturday Night Movie Closing/Editorial/Sign Off News.” The date is October 12, 1976.

Angelina Jordan Cover Channel

I can’t say enough about this young lady. She’s twelve years old and sings a lot of standards and old jazz tunes in a mature and lush voice. Here she is singing the Henry Mancini-Johnny Mercer standard “Moon River,” in honor of what would be my dad’s 86th birthday. (Angelina is one of the contestants in today’s Battle of the Bands, by the way.)

Lari Basilio

This woman just knocks me out with her guitar playing. Here’s her latest video, “stratovibez,” no doubt celebrating her getting a new Stratocaster.

Crazy Russian Hacker

Here’s that guy you don’t want to leave unsupervised. He delights in putting products to the test and asking “what would happen if I…?” For example, “what would happen if I drop two pounds of dry ice into a sinkful of hot water?” He has another channel under his real name, Taras Kul.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy these channels. Do you have any favorites?