The Grandparents’ Day Week That Was

Couldn’t resist this: This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by The Weather Channel.

Jim Cantore is the new Jessica Fletcher. When he shows up, something bad is going to happen.

The Week That Was

Yes, we’re sitting here waiting to get hit by Irma. We won’t get anywhere near the destruction here that they’ve gotten elsewhere, but the NWS has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Atlanta, expecting lots of rain and wind. Bread is starting to disappear from store shelves (Mary was there earlier and said there are big sections of the bread aisle that are empty), and some counties have shut down school for a couple of days. Not Cobb, oddly enough, and we’re usually one of the first to do so.

Whenever I start having issues walking because my legs are killing me, I know it’s time for new shoes. That point hit yesterday. Put on an older pair that I had stopped wearing for whatever reason, and no more pain. Amazing.

Here’s the week in review.

Flash mobs were the subject of Monday’s M4. This week, memories of 9/11.

We started our exploration of music during the Baby Boom Years with the lovely Doris Day, who I should have thought of during my Chanteuses series.

An observation about Labor Day, especially about when you’re retired. I mean, the big holidays (Christmas/New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Easter, Independence Day etc.) come with sufficient hoopla, but the minor ones (Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, Labor Day etc.) aren’t really that big a deal. As Arlee said, the people who Labor Day honors are just happy for the day off.

Really, the only prompt I could come up with anything for was the one that said to use “rise” as the basis for a blog post, and even then, I ended up going all stream-of-consciousness over it, talking about shaving and the state of broadcast radio. I think it went pretty well.

I visited the survey from WJJD in Chicago on September 8, 1958 and played the top ten songs. Many of them were songs you rarely hear on the radio anymore, and a few were new to me or songs that I hadn’t heard in a while. That’s why I do the survey posts.

Saturday’s prompt was “motive,” which is also used as a synonym for “motif,” and I was off to the races.

I’m hoping we don’t lose power, or if we do that it doesn’t stay out long. I was smart and bought a couple of backup batteries, which are fully charged and ready in case we need them. We have a bunch of small LED flashlights that I have to dig out of the table that sits beside my chair and probably replace the batteries in, and Mary topped off the tank in the van before things got too crazy, and we have lots of food that we don’t have to cook in the refrigerator. As for the blog, I’ll get as much of the week done today as I can. I already have Monday’s 9-11 themed post ready to go, and know what I’ll be doing Tuesday and Wednesday. You might see where I post a couple of reruns, though.

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Happy Grandparents’ Day to you grandparents, stay safe if you’re in Irma’s (or Katia’s, I guess) path, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!