Monday’s Music Moves Me: RIP Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry… man, what a player. I heard he had passed Saturday, and have read a few of the obits and tribute posts to him, all of which said he was a legend, which he was, the Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll, which he was (or at least one of them), etc. etc. etc. As I see it, Chuck influenced George Harrison, who in turn influenced me.

Here are a few songs, and I found a way not to repeat any that others have posted: I started with “Guitar Boogie” and let YouTube pick the rest. I came up with some gems I hadn’t even heard of. Enjoy!

“Guitar Boogie”


“House Of Blue Lights”


“You Never Can Tell”

Chuck was still performing until before he died, and it took death to get him to stop. He’s probably still playing in Rock & Roll Heaven. Rest in peace, Chuck Berry, and thanks for all the great tunes.

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BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Guitar/Jeff’s Boogie”


After a brief hiatus due to A to Z, I’m back with another Battle. This time, a battle between two of the great guitar players, Chuck Berry and Jeff Beck.

I heard “Jeff’s Boogie” by The Yardbirds back when Jeff Beck was punishing the strings. And you know me and instrumental guitar music: I went crazy over it.

A few years later, I was at a friend’s house and he put on a Chuck Berry album, and here’s what came out of the speakers.

My reaction was “Hey, Chuck is covering ‘Jeff’s Boogie’!”

My friend gave me that look that tells me I have three heads and says, “No, that’s ‘Guitar Boogie.’ Beck must have been covering it and called it ‘Jeff’s Boogie.'”

I shrugged and said, “Sounds like ‘Jeff’s Boogie.'” And we went on to something else.

I like both versions of this tune: Jeff Beck has always been one of my favorite guitar players, and he sounds crystal clear on this tune. And listening to Chuck’s version makes me think of him being in the studio on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago with Willie Dixon on bass, Lafayette Leake on piano, and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith on the drums, and someone at Chess leaving the tape running while the four of them warm up.

So, let’s hear from you, now: which version do you prefer? Jeff Beck’s, with The Yardbirds, or Chuck Berry’s? Let me know in the comments and tell me a little about hy you like that one better.

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I’ll announce the winner as part of “The Week That Was” next Sunday, May 8, 2016, so get your vote to me by Saturday the 7th.

Best of luck to Jeff and Chuck! The lines are open now!