In today’s battle, I’m going to present you with two different songs with the same name and have you decide which of the two you prefer.

There are two different songs called “Galway Bay,” with one being more popular in Ireland and the other more popular outside it.

CONTESTANT #1: Version more popular in Ireland Also known as “My Own Dear Galway Bay,” it was composed by Frank Fahy, a resident of Kinvara, Co. Galway. The music was composed by Tony Small, although it was originally written to the tune of “Skibbereen”. Here it’s performed by Dolores Keane, whose version is one of the better-known ones.

CONTESTANT #2: Version more popular outside Ireland As I mentioned yesterday, when I included Johnny Cash’s version of it, this was written by Dr. Arthur Colahan in 1947. This is Bing Crosby’s version; he changed some of the lyrics to make it less political.

All right, we have two different songs here with the same name. Which of the two of them do you prefer? Listen to both, decide which you prefer, and vote in the comments along with why you chose that one. Then, head over to Stephen T. McCarthy’s blog, where he has the current list of participants, and vote in the other battles being held today. I’ll count the votes and declare the winner next Saturday, July 22, so have your vote in before then.

The lines are now open. Best of luck to Mr. Fahy and Dr. Colahan, and to Dolores and Bing!